DirtBaggies Original Bib-Liner Shorts


  • The first and only baggy MTB shorts tethered to a bib-type undershort. Made in SoCal, USA.
  • Keeps chamois close to the wearers crotch to prevents chaffing; allowing a thicker, more comfortable pad (compared with a waistband-type short).
  • The bib-liner has pockets in the shoulder straps and a fly that allows men to pee easily.
  • Baggy short is held up bib’s straps, stays in place better without snagging on the seat. The height of the baggy short can be adjusted in five positions.
  • Made of ventilated, light, stretchy, wicking mesh with solid crotch and inner thigh panels to reduce friction and prevent chaffing. Body panels have one-way texture (like gentle shark-skin) to prevent your jersey from rising up your back. Leg panels are slick for low friction against the baggy short.
  • No rubber/silicone leg grippers, which would create localized tightness (i.e. sausage legs) and pull the hairs on hairy mountain biker legs.
  • Buy the same size as you wear dress pants...go up 1 size if you are tall.
  • Available in sizes 28", 30", 32", 34", 36", 38", 40", 42".


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[Jul 08, 2012]
Cross Country Rider


Baggy comfort for mountain bikers. Suspender pockets and fly work great. Loops to hold shell in place simply without bulk or binding. Baggy and shell are light so that together the are not too hot. Excellent chamois.


Pricey. They really have to be used with the shell, not something you would really use alone.

I am a roadie, too, so I like bibs. But other mountain bikers seem to have a policy: no lycra on a mountain bike! So I was wearing a roadie bib with an mtb shell over it. That is ok, but the shell slides down easily, snags, twists, etc. and tightening it enough to work defeated the comfort of the bibs, but I still liked it better than regular baggies.

I did an epic 4 hour (ride time) ride in these and they worked great. I did not think about them all and that is a good thing. No twisting, binding, snagging, etc. The chamois kept me comfy the whole time without any need to adjust, and most do not. The suspender pocket was actually a great place to keep my phone for tunes. I want that pocket on all my roadie bibs now. No binding waistbands, no extra weight and sweating around the shorts, etc.

Downsides? They are pricey. But they are about the same price as a high end pair of roadie shorts and some mtb baggies. They are very light and specific to the shell. I have a review of the shell separately, but they are really 2 integrated pieces.

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