Specialized 2FO Lace Shoes


2FO brings control, comfort, and protection to platform pedal footwear without any weight and fit penalties. 2FO uses our SlipNot™ rubber tread compound for ultimate platform pedal hook-up.


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[Oct 23, 2017]
Weekend Warrior


This Is a long term review,
They are wearing like Iron,
They breath well and drain water Instantly,
My socks hold more water.


They don't shed mud worth a darn,

Got the 2FO's, for flat pedals,
I ride the mtb weekly,
I pull the Insoles,
Hose them out,
In front of a fan and dry by morning,
Two full years just this month,
Wore them to work to break them in,
These shoes were so cool andcomfortable I wore them to work for that whole summer,
A year before that used off and on,
The pedal pins have done some damage to the souls,
Hold onto my Race Face Affect pedals perfectly,
Hike a bike traction Is very good,
Souls are like bike tire rubber,
They grip even In the wet stuff,
They don't shed mud worth a darn,
I'll get another year I bet.

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Also own the Clip version

[Nov 11, 2015]
All Mountain Rider


Upper is extremely durable; excellent foot protection; stiffer pedaling platform than most other shoes in the category; reasonably comfortable to walk in; lower profile than most other shoes in the category


Rubber is not as sticky as Five Ten; no lugs to speak of and will be slippery on loose over hard, pea gravel and steep uphill hike a bike

Fit: Runs about ½ size small compared to the more xc oriented shoes in their line (Pro and Comp); medium volume in the fore foot but they will form to wider feet over time

Other: Sharp pins in pedals will wear into the sole material and create a fixed position; possible to have stray ends from the upper material inside the shoe poking your foot

I’ve been riding the 2FO for about 7 months with a 30/70 split between flats and clipless riding all the same terrain. My current pedals are Crank Bros 50/50 which use the allen set screw pins. I purchased these looking for a stiffer pedaling platform than my Five Ten Free riders. They are a medium volume shoe and should fit a wide variety of feet. I had to size up ½ size in these shoes for the length compared to the Specialized XC shoes I own. I have a D-E foot and they were tight in the fore foot, but after regular use the upper did form to my foot.

I have found these shoes to be exactly what I was looking for in terms of stiffness and pedaling efficiency. Not XC race efficient, but suitable for all day riding in any terrain. Compared to the MI 6 stealth rubber on my Five Tens, the Slip Not is a much harder compound. It took some adjustment to get used to this and I think the shoe would benefit from a stickier compound in the mid foot. With the stiffer midsole I did lose some of the “pedal feel” I get with the Five Ten, but that’s a tradeoff I can live with.

Owing to the harder material the pins on my pedals have worn into the sole. This has created divots where the pins like to settle in. My Five Tens have a little bit of wear from the pins, but there aren’t any divots. This hasn’t been a bad thing for me but I can see how it would be bothersome to others. This will probably also depend on what kind of pedals are used.

Walkability is dependent on terrain. Like other shoes in the category it has a flat sole with no true lugs. On the local scree and on the dirt jumps with a little loose over hard there isn’t much traction. On rocks and slab they grip just fine. My heel stays put when I’m walking uphill. When my hike a bike included bush whacking in steep terrain I would have preferred my xc shoes which have some lugs.

There is a stiff fiber mesh in the tongue and upper. I had a few stray ends in my shoe that were poking in to my foot like a small cactus spine. I had to hunt these down and trim them back or melt them flat. I have a friend with this shoe who did not experience this.

These shoes will take beating. They don’t hang over edge of the pedal like the skate shoe styles, but I’ve ground the side of the shoe into granite rocks, pinned the toe between the pedal and rocks and crashed and burned. They have held up extremely well with no tearing, shredding or delamination. A few of the grinds would have torn up the sides of my xc shoes.

As advertised the shoes don’t take on a lot of water and will dry out overnight after a complete soaking. Ventilation is adequate, but that’s another tradeoff I’m willing to take in exchange for the durability and protection from water, snow, and mud.

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