Sombrio Loam Mid Shoes


Building on the Float shoe, the Sombrio Loam Mid Shoe features a mid-height top for added support without sacrificing pedal-ability or range of movement. Sombrio may be new to the shoe game, but with help from professional riders and an extensive R & D program they're taking the new market seriously.The significant result of that rider-guided R & D process is a new rubber compound with a proprietary molecular structure developed specifically for use with flat pedals. This high-friction compound with FS Performance technology not only offers incredible grip to pedals and terra firma, its durometer helps it conform to pedals and provide a tangible interface. You'll know exactly where your foot lands for unmatched sense of foot position. The soles' shape and sidewalls are also slightly rockered for an enhanced sensitivity to the pedal-to-shoe interface. With that much attention given to the compound and sole shape, one might think the logo'd lugs are just an embellished afterthought. However; Sombrio found that the lugs, when cast positively, hooked traction pins. The added connection to the pedals reduces the chance for a slipped foot. Sombrio didn't stop there either. The outsoles are void of catch points AAA it's the same pattern throughout. This provides a consistent feel for excellent foot position and dexterity to the pedals. Heel and arch support is provided by molded perforated polyurethane insole, what Sombrio calls Dura4rm. The inserts are antimicrobial, breathable, and lightweight. Most importantly though, the shock-absorbing Dura4rm absorbs impacts to help avoid injury on bailouts, and it prevents heel lift when pedaling. Crashes are inevitable, and the Loam's leather uppers are tough enough to take a beating. The Sombrio Loam Shoes are available in Black or Navy and Orange.


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[Oct 23, 2014]


Soles have great grip on the pin of my flat pedals. The sole stiff enough for the climbs. Size fits my foot as well as my Shimanos.


Kinda of hard to pull up the laces, maybe because it is still fairly new.

Ive only have Shimano MT 52's to compare these to, but the Shimanos are spds and not designed for flats. I was using my basketball high tops and hiking shoes before I purchase the Sombrios. The Sombrios have better armor over all than the MT 52s. They are way better than my basketball shoes. I got these hight tops for the added protection of my ankle. I've hit objects like hidden thick branches on my ankle while riding single track, w/o the high tops I would have been severely injured rather than just scraped and bruised.

They are still new so they are a bit stiff and uncomfortable if I lace them up too tight. My other shoes are broken in and now feel just worn and softened too much. Today will be my 4th ride and the are feeling better. They are comfortable for casual wear after the ride also. much better than the shimano's. with the spd thick sole.

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