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The M240 is targeted for a specific level of commitment, expertise or MTB riding style of a competitive rider. You demand quality for yourself and need matching wear. The M240 with its Custom-Fit offers you the great quality and functionality aspects you recognize from Shimano.


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[Feb 11, 2016]
Cross Country Rider


Very comfortable and very stiff.


Poor sole quality - they tear up very quickly

I purchased some Shimano SH-M240 shoes on the 13th of November 2015, they have been worn 3 times for about 2 hours each ride. I have two other sets of Shimano shoes and I was keeping these especially for race day after I wear them in a little.
I noticed the bottoms starting to deteriorate. So I sent some photos of the shoes back to the bike shop here in Australia for them to look at, They said they would refund my money immediately. I said no, I really love them they are very comfortable and fit me perfectly can you show them to Shimano first to see what they say, maybe it’s a problem they should know about. These shoes sell for $200+ in AU
Seven days ago the bike shop said yes Shimano will replace them they are waiting on stock. Today I got an email saying it has been rejected with just a photo of the warranty with no explanation.
I contacted Shimano Sydney directly for an explanation and they said they dont care and said that’s wear and tear and it’s my fault you’re not meant to walk in them. Uhm! oh really! why do they have big red tags in the front of the shoes for?
I had the feeling they didn't want to know about it. So if you buy these stay clipped into your pedals and dont think of walking or standing in them, not even from your car to the trail head.
I told them that being a xc mountain biker you will need to walk a little from time to time they are MTB shoes, you stand and walk in gravel at times. I’m a mountain biker not a walker, they are very stiff and it’s very hard to walk very far in them anyway. You can actually pull the rubber away with your fingers, after another few rides they will be ready for the bin.
I have been using Shimano shoes for years and I have never seen anything like this.
I showed about 10 people at a MTB group we have in Australia and they all agreed they were rubbish and shouldn’t be falling apart like that.
I have been a Shimano Customer since 1982 and never had any problems with any parts or shoes components etc.
I'm very disappointed with Shimano Australia their customer service is a disgrace along with the attitude.My bike shop agreed.
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