Lake MX 60W Shoes


  • For Female Comfort trail/Road riders
  • Leather and mesh upper
  • Internal nylon lasting plate
  • Reflective web loop on heel
  • SPD compatible
  • Internal nylon sole plate
  • Carbon rubber outsole


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    [Feb 17, 2009]
    Cross Country Rider


    It's nice to be able to use clipless pedals without having to bring a change of shoes. Plus I happened to get a great deal on them.
    The 'important' parts (clip plate, etc) have performed very well. I never had any ripping/degrading of the working parts of the shoe that actually receive alot of stress and abuse. I run most of my errands and commute to school on my bike as well as do bike touring when I can (3 weeks at a time) so these shoes have gotten alot of use over the past 2 years.


    Very narrow toe bed (I have pretty narrow feet but there was no space for my (very tiny!) pinkie toe. On longer rides my small toes would go numb; on shorter ones they're just uncomfortable.
    Quality: these shoes began to wear visibly after a few months in places where they just shouldn't (the back where your heel goes in shredded within a few months even though I always untie them before I put them on and do not stress that area at all. It looks like a case of cheap materials/cheap construction.
    Irritating: When walking around in these shoes, they 'eat' my socks (that is, gradually work my sock down into my shoe) so that I have to reach down and pull my socks back up fairly frequently. I find this wildly irritating because I hate the feeling of my socks getting all bunched up under my foot. Not exactly sure what causes this, but it is super obnoxious.

    I would not buy these again. I'm willing to pay twice as much for a shoe that doesn't bug the heck out of me. I DID get alot of use out of them, but it's time for something less uncomfortable & higher quality.

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    None, this was my first pair of clipless cycling shoes

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