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The Keen Commuter sandal, designed specifically forThe female foot. DoesThe guy atThe grocery store frown when you stumble in wearing your cleats? WithThese, hell never know.TheToughToebox area stands upToThe knocks of cycling, whileThe open design allows water, rocks, etc.To easily drain away from your feet. Perfect for running errands aroundTown, commutingTo work or school, camping, and more! Works with any SPD compatible pedals (Shimano SPD, Crank Bros Eggbeater,Time ATAC, etc) Note


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[Apr 23, 2011]
Cross Country Rider


Materials are bionic. Proper Cordura and Neoprene. The tie cord seems to be made out of rock climbing 4mm rope!


Look a bit odd at first, more like a ventilated shoe rather than a sandal.

I bought these as a compromise when my previous Lake sandals finally expired after about 10 years. I brought them with me to the Sinai when I moved out here and the heat, sand and salty water finally made them fall apart.

I did look at the Shimano sandals, but I couldn't bring myself to wear BROWN SANDALS and the don't make black ones any more.

I also looked at the current Lake sandals and I was put off by the fact that the cord to tighten them runs through weak loops and around the back of the ankle. Once the Red Sea salt gets into those they are going to be seriously compromised.

These arrived about 2 weeks ago and they are bionic as far as the materials are concerned and only time will tell whether the stitching is up to the same strength.

It is a disadvantage to have a closed toe here. Sand gets into the shoe and you can't just shake it out as I used to be able to; this is a big factor in sandy dry environments. That said, the protection around the toe is very strong and reassuring. See this as a well ventilated shoe and you're closer to the mark.

The lacing is very effective, but the shoes are very long and narrow a bit like Shimano shoes, so for walking off hte bike it is best to slacken off the tension a bit. I am slightly disappointed that the heel strap is not adjustable. To get your foot down inside the shoe can leave the back of the shoe a bit loose. It doesn't make a lot of difference because the rest of the shoe clams the foot so well.

In use I forget that I am not wearing my full shoes or boots except that I don't arrive with sweaty feet.I use them on long off road rides as well as just riding to and from work here. I can actually wear these all day on and off the bike which negates the need to carry a spare pair of sandals around with me.

They are also advertised as "Waterproof" on the side which seems odd for sandals until you realise that they mean that they are designed to be able to get very wet and not fall apart. I work as a diving instructor here and use them to walk to and from the shore dive sites regularly after locking he bike up and they are standing up well. Any ordinary shoe falls apart very, very quickly when subjected to the very salty sea water and then subsequent searing heat around here.

I'll report back in 6 months, but these will definitely do for now.

A tad expensive, but then I think that about all decent SPD shoes.

I only gave 4 chillis overall because:

I think that the heel strap should be another adjustable velcro strap just like the one over the top of the ankle for a better fit, it really would have made a perfect fitting shoe otherwise.

I also think that these shoes should be built with an anticipation of sandy rides, so a hole under the toes in the sole to let the rider shake the sand out whilst still pedalling along would be a good idea (Whoops perhaps I should have sold that idea)

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