Exustar E-SM343 Shoes


  • Waterproof
  • Upper Natural PU-coated leather
  • Fastener Trihook straps
  • Sole Nylon-fibreglass with TPU tread
  • Insole Insulated
  • Compatibility SPD


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[Mar 06, 2013]
Cross Country Rider


Waterproof, insulated, stiff sole, good traction with studs included


None so far

I have only just received these, but I wanted to see a review up for them since I found none before buying them. They are now called Exustar SM343. I wanted a winter MTB shoe/boot because the booties over my regular shoes are inadequate once you have to walk. And you pretty much are guaranteed to need to walk when winter riding through snow. I had ditched the clipless and just started using Sorel boots with flat pedals which made the walking part no issue at the expense of loosing the clipless setup. But I wanted to try and get back to clipless. These seem great so far after my initial test ride. If issues crop up over time I'll try and remember to update this review. I would say they run a little big for their size. I normally run a 42 to 43 and so I bought these in a 43 figuring that I would be wearing thick socks most of the time. The shoe extends beyond the tips of my toes more than I prefer so I thought they might be too big, but I found myself loosening the straps a couple times during the ride so they must not have been as loose-fitting as I thought. Of course they are still being broken in, time will tell. I wish I could have tried out a 42, but that's the risk you take when mail ordering. They seem well constructed and have a shiny black leather look to them. I have not tested their waterproofness, but they seem to be sealed up well and my feet stayed warm in my 30 degree F test ride with a pair of winter wool socks. Traction is good. I put the studs in after my test ride because walking on icy slopes is pretty trecherous. So far these seem like an excellent tool for winter riding.

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