Maloja IngridM. Women's Jersey


The misconception of wool is that it's hot, thick, and scratchy. This couldn't be further from the truth. Banish your pessimism and pull on a merino wool Maloja IngridM. Short-Sleeve T-shirt for a soft, cool, and odor-free base layer. You can stay confident knowing that this shirt will keep you comfortable when the alpine temperatures drop.What makes the IngridM. baselayer so great for riding is its use of New Zealand Merino wool. Sheered from the backs of Merino sheep, this wool is incredibly soft in texture. And because of its temperature regulating qualities, Merino is ideal for keeping your body from overheating in the summer. While you find yourself sweating as you climb, the hydrophilic/hydrophobic nature of the fiber wicks moisture away from your body so you aren't left wet and cold at the end of your ride. Not only cooling, Merino's antimicrobial properties will keep you from smelling like you rode for the past 72 hours straight. Yeah, it really is that good. Wear it on your next steamy ride and put this base layer to the test.The Maloja IngridM. Short-Sleeve T-shirt features a slim-fit cut with a scoop neck collar to keep it from interfering with the zipper when worn under a jersey. It comes with the signature Maloja star design across the front and a felted logo on the left sleeve. It's available in the color Red with sizes running from X-Small to Large.

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