Rapha Wind Women's Jackets


Everyone wants clothing that fits well and looks good, but when it comes to accessories, and wind jackets are usually considered accessories, many clothing manufacturers assume that women will wear men's jackets, jackets that are typically too boxy. Flattering the feminine form, Rapha has not gone that route with their Women's Wind Jacket.It has all of the features as the men's version, but is designed for women, a rare moment of separate but equal. This means it's a bit narrower in the shoulder, has darts at the chest, is narrower at the hip, and wider at the waist.The top is constructed out of a windproof, water-resistant stretch nylon. It's designed to be longer in the back to cover your backside from rooster-tail spray. The zipper doesn't go straight down the middle of the jacket, but a bit off to the right side, so the zipper pooches less at the bottom and so the pull tab won't rub your neck so easily. They use a ...a simple, yet flattering design with loads of thoughtful details... waterproof zipper, and because these zippers have the teeth on the inside, there's a draft flap behind the zip so you don't feel it against your body or jersey. The wrists are covered with soft Lycra cuffs to seal out cold air. The waist hem as two friction locks on the elastic waist cord so you can adjust how snug the waist sits against your body. A friction lock is a simple device where the cord slides through easily until you lift it into a slit, where the narrowness of the slit holds the cord in place.For finishing touches, the shoulders and sleeves are taped on the outside. The shoulder tape is a rough material that can nicely grip backpack straps. The tape on the sleeves is reflective, which complements the reflective Rapha logos. The front pocket is low and unobtrusive and is just large enough to fit a smart phone. The Rapha Women's Wind Jacket comes in two colors -- Red and White. Sizes run from X-Small to XX-Large.

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