Maloja TheaM. Jackets


Water might be the key to life in the universe, but it's typically the end to our cycling-life for an afternoon or longer. When gloom's on the horizon, the unprepared are stuck either staying at home or getting caught out wet, cold, and cursing themselves. We think that it's time to get prepared, and the Maloja TheaM. Jacket is the best way to get there in style. Combining a wind and water-resistant design with effortless style and charm, the TheaM. Jacket is a wet-weather staple that'll have you wishing for rain.Maloja's TheaM. Jacket is made from a Mele-style, three-layer construction. The three layers consist of an outer layer, membrane, and inner lining. Accompanied by the membrane, the TheaM. achieves a resistance to both wind and water. This trait has been further accentuated by the inclusion of critically taped seams throughout the jacket. Maloja also used its H breathable technology to ensure that all three layers work harmoniously to let excess heat escape without letting the elements in. This system allows a full range of motion, wicks away moisture, and provides a consistent thermal insulation. Compared to standard constructions, this calculated fabric blend is better suited for trapping air between the jacket's surface and the skin to make a well regulated insulation layer. This results in a layer of warmth that's responsive to internal and external heat conditions, and makes the jacket feel more like a loose-fitting jersey. The TheaM. also features a full-length, semi-autolock front zipper to dump heat on difficult approaches. And if that's not enough, the jacket even has under-arm zips for a little extra ventilation. The TheaM. comes equipped with two zippered front pockets and a multi-paneled hood with cinch drawstrings. The sleeves have been shaped, elongated, and made adjustable at the wrist to keep water from running up the arm.The Maloja TheaM. Jacket is available in five sizes from X-Small to X-Large and in the colors Blue Steel, Granite, Granat, and Pine.

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