Maloja ArnoM. Jackets


Life's too short to endorse regurgitated design and style. So, if you can't breathe your own influence into the apparel world, we recommend supporting those who do. The Maloja ArnoM. Jacket is the perfect example of a garment that lives by the beat of its own drum, and accentuates the personality of free-thinkers everywhere. With an over-the-top engineered wool construction, leather accents, and a beautiful hand drawn design, the ArnoM. Jacket is in a class of its own, on or off the trail. Maloja's AlfonsM. Jacket is made from a three-layer construction of bonded Techno Wool. The three layers consist of an outer layer, membrane, and inner lining. The outer layer is made from alpine wool, and at first glance, it resembles a knit sweater. However, upon closer examination, you'll notice that this isn't a Christmas cardigan. Accompanied by the membrane, the outer layer of the AlfonsM. is windproof and water resistant. Maloja also used its H breathable technology to ensure that all three layers work harmoniously to let excess heat escape without letting the elements in. This system allows a malleable fit that's soft on the skin, wicks away moisture, and provides a consistent thermal insulation. Compared to standard polyester constructions, this calculated fabric blend is better suited for trapping air between the jacket's surface and the skin to make a well regulated insulation layer. This results in a layer of warmth that's responsive to internal and external heat conditions and makes the jacket feel more like a loose-fitting jersey. The AlfonsM. also features a full-length, semi-autolock front zipper for when you're approaching the top of a hard climb and need a little extra ventilation, and it has two front pockets with hidden zippers for quick access to your ride essentials. For life out of the saddle, the jacket has a multi-paneled hood cinch drawstrings. For warm fuzzies, you can sleep well knowing that the AlfonsM.

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