Gore Bike Wear Visibility AS Women's Vest Jackets


Too often, we see people dressed like they're heading off to war, when really, they're just going for a ride in chilly conditions. Look, we're advocates of protection, but like anything, there's a right tool for every job. When it's a little colder than your liking, put on the Gore Visibility AS Women's Vest. It's anatomically designed for female cyclists, and its patented fabric technology will keep you safe and covered.To make the Visibility Active Shell vest versatile, Gore constructed it from its patented Windstopper fabric. Not surprisingly, this material does what its name says -- it stops wind. Now, we know that plenty of companies lay claims to being windproof, but no one shares the same pedigree as Gore. From the illustrious Gore-Tex to various iterations of Windstopper, Gore has proven that it's capable of dealing in absolutes. And, frankly speaking, Gore has earned our trust.Not only does the vest shut out the chilling effects of the wind, but it's also highly breathable and water-resistant. The design of the fabric allows body heat to escape, while retaining just enough to provide a consistent level of thermo-regulation. This is further aided by a large mesh panel on the back of the vest. Gore also made the vest to be extremely lightweight, making it easily packable for stowing away in a jersey pocket. However, as you might have guessed from its name, the Visibility vest is highly visible. Seems like a no-brainer, and we know that the Neon coloring makes this a ringer for safety, but what you might have missed is the vest's 360 degrees of reflective accents. Now, you can ride with a confident peace of mind when out on a low-light ride.Aside from materials and accents, it's evident that Gore was thoughtful in its construction of the vest. It received anti-abrasion details like shifted seams and anti-chafing elastic bindings on the armholes and hem. For the zipper, Gore used a semi-lock slider with a zip-underflap and zip-port. There are also two side pockets for storage of small items or nutrition.The Gore Bike Wear Visibility AS Women's Vest is available in the color Neon Yellow and in six sizes from X-Small to XX-Large.

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