Assos rS.sturmPrinz Jackets


After years of denying the value of a rain jacket, Assos has done an about face and embraced the rain jacket. Only the embrace comes with a catch; they worked long and hard to create a rain jacket that meets their standards. The rS.sturmPrinz Long Sleeve Shell is that rain jacket.Know that their distaste for rain jackets is still apparent, from the name to their claim that the shell is an 'anti-rain device.' They started with the idea that the jacket has to be waterproof and work for cyclists riding hard in the worst conditions, and it has to fit like an Assos top. The question was how to accomplish this. They created new fabrics, Triton V1 and Triton V2. Triton V1 is the tougher, heavier, more waterproof fabric, and it is used for front panels. Triton V2 is lighter, more breathable and is used in back. The Triton fabric is made in Switzerland close to the Assos factory. It's a temperature-sensitive waterproof-breathable membrane. When it's cold, the membrane is less breathable, which is good, as it will help hold in your body heat. When it's warmer, the membrane is more breathable, and it will help vent sweat vapor. On the sides, the airVent system further helps vent sweat and keep your core temperature stable and comfortable. On the inside, you'll see that the seams are sealed, so no water can get in where fabric panels meet. And there's a vent parallel with the shoulder blades that helps vapor exit there. The wrists and neck have adjustable seals so you can tighten them to keep out the cold and wet or loosen them to get a little additional venting. This way you can always have a customized fit to suit your preferences and conditions.If you scan down the back of the jacket, you'll see a center pocket, sealed with a reflective zipper. On either side are pocket flaps that work both as vents and as access points to your jersey pockets underneath. And when the rain ends and the sun comes out, the jacket is light enough to stow in a jersey pocket.And since fit is important to the folks in Lugano, the jacket fits only a bit more loosely than a typical jersey.The Assos rS.sturmPrinz Long Sleeve Shell is Black and is available in X-Small to TIR.

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