The Meridian provides exceptional storm protection in a lightweight and packable format. The highly articulated cycling fit combined with durable stretch fabrics enables maximum movement in a minimalist design.

The Meridian is a fully-taped waterproof-breathable cycling jacket designed for wet trail conditions. Made with Schoeller c_Change®. This Swiss designed waterproof-breathable fabric is engineered to react to changes in body temperature and activity levels, allowing more moisture and heat to escape as the intensity level increases. As a result, the Meridian jacket is the perfect waterproof cycling jacket for an exceptionally wide range of environments and temperatures.

Features include: Laser-perforated underarm ventilation, external access chest pocket, internal ported media pocket, and rear stow pocket.


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[Feb 02, 2016]
All Mountain Rider


Exceedingly superior breathability. Exceedingly well made. Tailored fit for cycling. Side pockets are exactly in the right place for easy access with a pack on. Very comfortable collar. Very good design for hood. Hood can be used with or without a helmet, and is removable. Super packable, packs up tiny, yet it keeps my body temperature just right. Amazing.


A bit hefty price.

I struggled when deciding to spend this amount of money : $450 for the 2016 which is not the one pictured. But I decided to pull the trigger when a person I talked to online said it was a game changer for riding in cold, rainy, clammy weather. Since I live in the Pacific Northwest, I've been struggling to find a jacket that 'does it all' so to speak. I was sick to death of having to bring two or three extra shirts, and an extra shell with me in order to attain comfort as needed during my rides...which are often times over 5 hours, and, which are maybe 90% in wet weather. This jacket allows me to wear a single layer of merino wool beneath it in temps from the low 40's upward. If it's in the thirties, I wear an alpaca / marino wool soft-layer beneath it, but even then, if I'm riding hard, I can now get away with the light-weight single layer jersey underneath it.

What makes this jacket worth it, is the breathability. Somehow, the jacket actually seems to REMOVE any wetness before it builds up enough for me to 'feel' it on my skin. This is what I had been hoping for. I now ride in supreme comfort with a jacket that is truly waterproof and very light weight.

Quality is evident in all aspects of construction. The pockets and zips are top notch. I'm by no means one of those Ritchy-Rich type guys, but I have zero regrets about this investment. My advice is this : IF---you do a lot of riding and are passionate about riding, then you know what I mean about 'comfort' in a wet weather jacket. This is the first wet weather jacket that I actually use in dry weather too, and, it is the first 'breathable' jacket that actually seems to keep me solidly dry regardless of physical exertion. People who complain about the price, are probably not people who are ever going to ride as much as I do, and IF you ride a lot in wet weather, it is really a game changer to have this piece of equipment. It has a life time warranty against craftsmanship failure, and can be repaired should you tear it. I've never torn a single thing I've ever owned...but there is always a first time for everything, and it's nice to know that the guys at ACRE offer great customer service should I ever run into issues.

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I've tried many rain jackets over the years, and they always ended up being too hot, or not warm enough, and, NONE of them offered the breathability of the Meridian, not Gore, not Race Face. The only one that came close, was my Endura jacket, which fell apart in less than a year. What good is great design if the craftsmanship fails...???

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