Mavic Plasma Helmet


Mavic designed the Plasma Helmet for folks who like to do all types of cycling, but don't want to have to spring for a helmet unique to each discipline. The Mavic Plasma Helmet caters to the lightweight, well-ventilated needs of typical road cyclists as well as the rough and tumble durability and practicality that your average hard-core cross-country rider will expect. Most importantly, they have devoted a ton of effort on making this the most comfortable helmet you'll try on all year. First Mavic looked at optimizing the actual shape of the helmet. They conducted cranial mapping tests to make sure that their helmet shapes closely match typical head shapes with pressure points and contours identified and accounted for. The interior shape of the helmet consequently flows along with the curves of the skull. But, since even with a mound of data, there are still variances, their Ergo Hold System allows for as much as 6 centimeters of one-handed, on-the-fly size adjustment. For the final touches on fit perfection, as well as excellent moisture management, Mavic has included their Ergo Fit Pro Pad. It might not seem like much when you look at it, but the Ergo Fit Pro Pad is a low density, open cell foam that wicks water from the skin and transports it to where it can evaporate. After taking care of comfort, Mavic took a hard look at what they could do for the exterior of the helmet to improve aerodynamics and durability. First, they fashioned a sleek profile that has a low volume construction. Then looking toward ventilation, Mavic developed their Ergo Protec Alutex reinforcement, which makes it possible for them to build in huge vents in the front without compromising any of the helmet's ability to protect you in a crash. The aggressive shape keeps you aero while channeling the wind through the vents helping you to stay cool and comfortable. Finally, with a thoughtful nod to those of you will be using this helmet on the trails, Mavic has included a removable visor and plugs. The Mavic Plasma Helmet has been given reflective highlights to give you that extra level of protection in case you are caught out after dark. Available in Black, Silver Metallic and White Pearl, you?ll be sure to find a size that fits you among their Small, Medium and Large options.


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[Aug 06, 2012]


Feels good on my head, Controls to make it bigger and smaller fuctionals very good.


Inside the protection soft things are ok but sometimes it hurts my front head.
Its my first helmet i ever bought so heres my bad english review :)

Hope i can make someone happy with this:0

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