Lazer Sport Helium Helmet


Lazer creates the Helium Helmet with an in-molded shell like its predecessor, the Genesis. The Helium goes one further and incorporates an in-molded shell portion that wraps around into the interior of the brow of the helmet. It covers the forehead and above the ears. It's an added safety detail that we think makes a lot of sense, as it helps the helmet resist chunking when your head hits the ground. And it also helps protect the edge of the helmet foam from damage in your gear bag during transport. In another improvement in overall crash protection over the Genesis, the Helium uses a woven composite, let's affectionately call it silver carbon, to span the bridges between the main ribs of the helmet. Lazer calls it RBS (Rigidity Brace System). We could perhaps think of better acronyms, but we think what actually matters is that the composite adds some serious strength to the design while nonetheless being a similar weight as the Genesis. Part of this weight savings comes from the use of dual density EPS foam with denser, stronger foam in the areas of greater likelihood of impact.The Lazer Helium has 19 huge vents so airflow won't be a problem on hot days, and the pads that come with it are made with X-Static, a fabric with silver treated threads, so they're antimicrobial and your helmet will stink less. The Helium benefits from Lazer's Rollsys retention system. It has a wheel tucked into the very top of the helmet that takes up slack in the cradle system via a thin cable. The Rollsys system creates perhaps the most even fit of any helmet on the market. In fact, depending on your fit, it will better accommodate the difference between cycling cap and no cap compared to nearly any other helmet out there. (And when you have a clean shaven head like Team Katusha's Sergey Ivanov, a cycling cap is an often but not always needed accessory during the spring season.) The cradle at the back of the head drops securely beneath your occipital bump and since the wheel for the retention system is at the top and not in the back, there's room for ponytails and even Vladimir Karpet's signature mullet.The Lazer Helium Helmet is available in Black/White, Red/white, Stars Red/white/blue, and White/silver. It comes in three sizes -- X-Small/Small, Medium/Large, and X-Large/XX-Large. Each color has matching web straps and the helmet comes with its own fleece lined storage bag. Please note: For those of you with large heads, the Helium will be a welcome relief. The Medium/Large fits a 59cm head with room to spare.

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