Race Face DIY Womens Gloves


A low profile and highly versatile glove,The DIY offers superior contact with gripsThroughoutThe ride. SpecificallyTailored for female fit and style. Back of hand features spandex for snug fit and next-to-skin comfort. Strategic seam placement. FullTerryThumb. Mesh finger side walls. ReinforcedThumb crotch. Finger expansion gussets. Velcro wrist closure with chainring bolt rivet detail. lightly padded in key palm areas. Kevlar reinforment along outer hand. SiliconeTrigger fingers.


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[Jul 16, 2010]
Adrienne Schofhauser


Comfort and attention to detail in the features.

Their slim-fitting style, with a spandex back, provides efficient control when gripping tightly, minimum bulk and maximum lightweight comfort.

Never found the seams rub or annoy on long rides, and love the terry cloth thumb for runny noses in the drizzly northwest weather.

Found the gloves to be very durable on crashes. The reinforced thumb-crotches keep from handlebar wear-and-tear, and keep the hands from fatigue during tight gripping.

The outer sides of hands (below the pinkies) are patched with a swath of Kevlar for extra protection against falling or grazing trees.

2mm open-cell foam covers key gripping palm areas for protection and comfort.

Finger gussets allow for great flexibility when clenched around the grips--so again, nothing wears on the skin harshly.

Adjustable wrists with convenient/quick Velcro closure.

Material covering the vulnerable wrist is neoprene, which offers protection against sudden impact but remains flexible and soft on the skin.

Finally, to maintain airflow to the fingers, small ventilation holes punctuate the material to prevent sweating while gripping hard.


Hmm... the silicone on the trigger fingers and thumb, which help with gripping, are beginning to peel slightly.. Other than that, not many weaknesses.

But keep in mind, these are all-mountain gloves not classified as DH gloves, so they lack that extra padding that you'll find on heavy-duty ones, often across the top of the hand.

The slim fit of these gloves makes them seem more akin to lightweight road gloves. But they pack a powerful protective punch, designed with extra padding and strategically placed durable and protective materials. The over-all comfort and breathability allows for long rides in any terrain. I did crash rather hard at least once, but the gloves didn't tear. I like the hint of feminine graphics. They're not an eye-sore, yet they're fashion-conscious enough to add some girly style to your outfit. I have the lime green ones--which match Race Face's all-mountain tank.

They've become my go-to gloves when hitting the trails because of their detailed (but discreet) features, and ultimately because of their comfort that's been engineered into it all.

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