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Louis Garneau Typhoon Glove is the warmest and most weatherproof glove Louis Garneau offers. Split-finger design ensures your digits stay toasty and still have the ability to operate your bike's control systems. Fish-grip on palm to keep your hands on the


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[Feb 22, 2012]
Weekend Warrior


Wind/water proof, lobster claw style for dexterity, washable, fitted cuff


Not as warm as expected, individual liner fingers don't allow a second liner

I was looking for some warm gloves for bicycling during the winter months in southeast Wisconsin. A friend touted his Garneau lobster-style gloves, so I spent a fair amount of time researching that style by several companies. The Garneau Typhoon ended up meeting my requirements most closely – economical, wind/water proof, washable, finger pairing for more warmth.

I’ve had and used them now for several rides, from 45 minutes to 2.5 hours in temperatures from about 32 to 45 degrees F.

I would rate the gloves as pretty good overall. Not ideal, but not terrible, either. I realize that my fingers get cold easily (even indoors), so it’s imperative that I start out with warm hands. If I’m outdoors adjusting this or donning that without gloves for more than a couple of minutes, it’s difficult to get my fingers warm after gloving up. What works for me is after I’m ready to ride and put on the gloves, I swing my arms wide, then back in and around me quickly several times, so that centrifugal force brings the blood to my finger tips. Then after I ride a bit and get my core temperature up, my hands will stay warm.

Down at the freezing point the gloves are adequate temperature-wise, but I wouldn’t say toasty. The Garneau website rated the Typhoons at -4 degrees F I think, but I doubt my hands would be comfortable 35 degrees cooler than I’ve been riding.

Interestingly, my friend’s Garneaus have the liner finger-paired, while my Typhoons have individual fingers in the liner. I think if they were paired, I could fit another thin liner inside and boost the warmth a bit. I heard of one biker having a friend disassemble their lobster gloves and re-sew the fingers to be paired. There’s a thought…

I’m 5 feet 9 and about 165 lbs, and have medium hands. I bought a size Large in the Typhoon, and the size is right for me – just a little roomy but not clumsy.

Would I buy them again? Not sure – I think I would insist on paired fingers for the liner, and I might consider spending more if it meant extra warmth, but other than that, they’re working pretty well.

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