Gore Bike Wear Xenon GT Gloves


Gore-Tex. It can be described many ways, but to us, it's the fabric that changed everything. That's why we swathe our bodies in it come winter. But, if you're anything like us, your hands need the most protection, and only the Gore Bike Wear Xenon GT Gloves will do.You'll be hard pressed to find a glove with more thoughtfulness in its design than the Xenon GT. As we mentioned, the gloves feature a Gore-Tex insert construction that is waterproof, windproof, highly breathable, and warming. We understand that this is a tall order, but Gore alone has proven itself capable of commanding such absolutes. Enough so, that we can't really tell you exactly how Gore-Tex works, because it's easily the closest guarded secret in the fabric business. What we do know is that your hands will never be dryer, regardless of how bad the weather is.However, Gore didn't stop at fabrics to keep your hands comfortable. The Xenon GT features a design that's specific to road cycling, and this forethought is most predominantly displayed in the grip of the gloves. Knowing that you're applying consistent force at the webbing between your thumb and pointer finger (think of how you grip the hoods), Gore reinforced the area to resist abrasion and to strengthen the grip. Further along these lines, Gore also coated the fingers in silicone for confident shifts and added both gel and foam padding to the palm of the gloves to absorb road vibration.To improve your visibility in low-light conditions, Gore also added reflective accents throughout the the gloves. And for easy entry and exit, the gloves feature a Velcro width adjustment at the wrists.The Gore Bike Wear Xenon GT Gloves are available in the color Black and in six sizes from Small to XXX-Large.

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