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The Endura Singletrack short is not only loved, it is well-loved. Mountain Biking UK have it a nine out of ten, as did What MTB, and Cycling Plus gave it a "Recommended Buy." We like it because it is simple and strong. It has four pockets, two front, two back. All close via Velcro patches. There's a tiny change pouch atop the right front pocket as well. The extra zippers down the front of the legs high Green mesh vents. The short, while all black, has three different materials at work. A rough Cordura-style nylon on the backside. A smoother Corduraesque nylon most other places, and a robust spandex material in the crotch. A soft, moderately stretchy spandex panel is in the back just below the waist for a little vertical give. The fabric has been treated with a wicking finish and Teflon HT treatment so that the garment doesn't absorb water; it sheds. The top of the shorts is secured by a three-segment belt that has adjustable tabs on both the right and left sides, and in the front. There is a zipper and snap keeping the short closed. The back of the legs has Velcro tabs for snugging the short closer to your quads. While the shorts come sans liner, you can buy the Endura Clickfast liner separately and attach it to these shorts. The Medium short has a 12-inch inseam. The Endura Singletrack short comes in Black in Small through XXL sizes.


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[Mar 24, 2013]


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I have a fresh pair for this season after riding out the last set. I wouldn't even mind still riding in the old pair, because the exposed fingertips made for good pickin's ;) They wore at the fingertip seams to expose first my index, and then middle fingers on both hands. This happened after a full season and a half, which far outwears all the other gloves I've used. They also wore very evenly throughout. I like gloves without gel or very excessive padding, and these offer what I find to be the perfect amount of protection. The soft fabric on the index helps since I have trouble launching snot rockets, and the under-wrist closure is excellent. Switched to full-finger gloves a few years ago even for summer riding, as the trailside foliage has a tendency to really whip on my hands and arms. Still rockin' a lot of scars on the forearms, but while my fingers are a little warmer they stay comfy and blood-free!

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