Bell Super 2R Full Face Helmet


The helmet includes a new breakaway POV camera mount–likely an improvement over the original Super’s Velcro-in vent plug method. The helmet comes with Bell’s Overbrow ventilation and TAG fit system.


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[Apr 28, 2015]
All Mountain Rider


Fairly light, removable chin piece, easy remove and replace of the chin piece


No extra foam in the package for adjustment.. camera mount is a little weak.

4/28/2015 Super 2R with MIPS
This is my initial take on this helmet.. Firstly I have a very narrow is 22 3/4" around, Nearly perfectly flat on both sides.. This creates problems with any bicycle helmet I have ever tried on.. Especially bowl type.. Full face has more padding in the cheeks and this make the helmets fit much better..

The package arrived and I was all excited.. Pulled the box and opened it. The helmet was inside the helmet bag which it comes with (package details: Helmet bag, owners manual and owners personal info card, NO EXTRA FOAM liners or shims or any way of ordering them)..

I was like OH, this is bright.... ORANGE.... I ordered the red model and it looked red on the website.. It really is like a hot fluorescent orange vs red.. Super bright.. My friend saw it and said" No way they are going to miss finding you when you go off the cliff into the trees"..

Because I have such a narrow head it's rather long to allow room for my extra large brain..

If you have a narrow head you know what I mean.. It seems the top is higher than where it belongs so it usually doesn't sit as nicely in the helmet and you get helmet rock..

With this helmet with the chin bar in.. The helmet doesn't really move at all.. Only problem is I can feel extra pressure on the back upper corners of my skull.. I'll have to look at this and see if it can be remedied.. At first I thought it was the MIPS bands but then it turns out it is slightly lower.. Bell actually put in a couple of pads glued in made from HDF (high density foam) and this seems to be what is digging into my cranium..

My initial thoughts about the helmet are: Nicely made, latches and finish are excellent.. The top camera mount is decent but can move around some.. It has a pin that meets with a hole in the helmet which is seems to come out of.. This leads to it really sitting a little more forwards than the perch provided maybe 1/8" from the hole for the pin.

I can really feel the extra spacer blocks they put in.. they will need to be adjusted in order for it to fit properly.

Okay so with the chin bar the pressure on the rear upper corners of my skull is almost to much and is uncomfortable with just hanging around..

With the chin bar removed it's pretty comfortable.. I can feel the notches but not nearly as much as with the chin bar..

After moving the offending pads forwards and down it seems to fit much better with or without the chin bar..

So, the pressure on those to spots is gone and it feels really decent overall.. It's a nice snug fit..

I'll come back after a few rides for an update..

Oh, I'll be using this for my casual helmet.. XC, some light DH, AM and general use..

Seems to have lots of vent holes and the foam is minimal inside so should be relatively cool..

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