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The Jet Black frame offers full-on fashion versatility -- no matter what you wear, Jet Black is the perfect match. But what sets this model apart from the rest of its Radar brethren is its lens technology. Oakley has long spread the gospel about their Black Iridium lenses: It's a superb choice for the spring and summertime since it transmits only a fraction of the available light to your eyes, making it ideal for bright, sunny days. The Iridium coating creates a uniform filtering layer that optimizes contrast and reduces glare. In addition, these lenses are Polarized, which cuts glare even further in comparison to a standard Iridium lens. No Radar lens transmits less light than the Black Iridium Polarized -- only 9% of the light comes through. On bright days, this is your best bet.The Radar is Oakley's first new cycling-specific design since the M-Frame -- that's a 15-year span between re-designs, testament to just how popular the M-Frame became. Amazingly, though, while the Radar bears similarities to the M-Frame, it's clearly a far improved set of eyewear. Like the M-Frame, it has no lower ledge to the frame, so you get an uninterrupted field of vision. But improved is the updated look that is modern, almost high-fashion. The frame itself was re-designed to fit more types of faces with greater comfort. And then there are the surge ports. These are the holes molded into the arms. The ports direct air inside the arms so heat and sweat don't build up behind the sunglasses and arms. And unlike certain models of the M-Frame, the arms of the Radar fold. The lens is large in a modern, high-fashion way without being too big -- a design Oakley calls the "Path" lens. We prefer the Path lens because we believe it is large enough to protect the eyes while being small enough so it doesn't overheat the head and seal the eyes off from the world. And overly big glasses fog up too easily. For those who are familiar with M-Frame lenses, this is kind of between the Hybrid and the Sweep. The next larger size of Radar lenses is the Pitch, and the largest is the Range. As with the M-Frame, the Radar has interchangeable lenses. Not only can you change tints, but shapes. In comparison to the iconic M-Frame, the Radar has a new lens shape, a new frame design, and a choice of nosepieces (you get 2 of them, in order to customize the positioning of the Radar on your nose) -- all of which mean better fit. One other vital detail is that the lens is hydrophobic with a new oleophobic coating for better vision. Sweat won't streak your lens and muddy up your field of view. Rather these coatings cause moisture to run off the lens with no residue. The frame is made from Oakley O-Matter. There is soft Unobtanium at the temple ends and the nose to better grip the face. Unobtanium is slightly hydrophilic, so it will grip better when wet and sweaty. The lens is made from Plutonite and has Oakley's famed High Definition Optics (HDO). The Radar comes with a zipper case that


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[Feb 19, 2015]
All Mountain Rider


~ So damn light, you'll barely notice you're wearing any eyepiece
~ Crisp, High-Definition Optics
~ Never needs to adjust - the Unobtanium nose piece is set-and-forget
~ Wet days means zero fogging....stopped or rolling
~ The finest MTB eyewear money can buy


They are never discounted!

After years of riding and destroying many different shades - I finally decide to splurge for a pair of Oakley's best. I chose the Golf-specific, G30 lens, simply because I wanted the BEST, wide-field depth perception possible, on the trail. I also needed superior anti-fog properties, as many well-known cycling shades fail to offer. The Oakley Radar Path Polarized delivers on all criteria, in spades.

The best feature of this brand is the huge array(over 65!) of interchangeable lens available, for virtually ANY sport. With Oakley at the forefront of performance lens technology....you simply cannot go wrong here!

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