Oakley Fast Jacket XL Polarized Eyewear


Polarized is one of those names that reek of marketing. It's a pity as Polarizing does a simple, great thing. Polarized lenses block glare and improve your vision in bright, reflected light. Oakley figured out how to improve the existing technology, and that's why they they're now making Polarized lenses. Putting XL polarized lenses into their new Fast Jacket makes a great package for eye protection on those long, sunny days in the saddle.You've surely noticed that distracting sources of light are those in front of and below you. Snow is obvious, but glare can also be harsh on the water, on the road, and from shiny cars on the road. The application here is similar to a Venetian blind for your lenses, with the horizontal lines blocking the glare. Putting XL polarized lenses into their new Fast Jacket makes a great package for eye protection on those long, sunny days in the saddle.You'll see better, and you'll squint less. In the end you'll be more rested because your eyes don't have to work so hard to see.What makes Oakley polarizing different is that they figured out how to integrate the filter into their lenses without applying glue. Their competitors typically sandwich the filter between thin layers of lenses using clear glue. The glue is often the source of the slight distortion you experience when wearing some polarized glasses. Another plus of Oakley polarizing is they make both the right and left lenses at the same time and cut them out in parallel pieces so the filter lines up exactly the same way for both eyes. This is one less piece of optical information for your eyes and brain to adjust to: another reduction in eyestrain.The Fast Jacket is Oakley applying their Switchlock technology to open edge lens architecture. So you can get the benefits of their race-specific Jawbone in a style that is technical enough to be worn for hard riding and casual enough to hang out at the beach. The Switchlock is a lever that locks into place and yet easily opens up to change the lenses. Aesthetically, the finished stainless adds nice visual pop to the already attractive package.The Oakley Fast Jacket Polarized XL comes in three colors, each with different sets of lenses. The Black Plaid fame comes with G30 Polarized and VR50 lenses. The Polished Black comes with Black Iridium Polarized and Persimmon. The Polished White comes with 00 Red Polarized and G40. Packed in the box is a soft vault (aka hard case), along with a micro fiber travel bag that has pockets for spare lenses and doubles as a cleaning cloth. Lastly, the glasses also come with two sets of nosepieces to best customize your fit.


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[Jun 03, 2019]


Bought this a few years ago and was happy with it almost a year. 3 lenses easy to change.


After a year I noticed view from the black lens was distorted. Examining it a layer of polarization anti-glare or whatever was cracking and that lens was not usefull any longer. Putting in another lens and it is so far not damaged. Contacted Oakley and their service is nothing to be impressed about. Also a pair of Radarlock XL photochromatic have lost coatings on the lens. Again Oakley customer service is no use, they do not even sell replacement lenses to mhat model which is only 3 years old. An old Radar XL I had for several years is still like new so it is not that I do not take good care of my stuff. Have better result with UVEX and Rudy Project. So no more Oakley: Expensive and service is non existing.

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