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Pro-tec set the industry standard when the Street Pad series hit the scene. High grade durable fabrics, EVA cup foam, and polycarbonate full coverage caps provide complete protection with restricting movement.

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[Jan 26, 2011]
Weekend Warrior


These pads will protect whatever body that's covered and save your from serious injury. It's a wonder that everyone doesn't use them,especially if you're mountain biking.


At least with elbow guard the protection is incomplete I ended gashing my forearms because they weren't covered. After you use these pads for a while they'll start to smell and the wrist guards can stink quite badly.

After scraping my knee when my came off and catching air I decided it was time for some protection,after asking my LBS about padding they referred me to Active Ride which had their own brand of pads. However the Active Ride pads started becoming kreaking down so I replaced them with Protec Pads.

The Pro Tec Street pads are probably the best value in terms of protection,they provide enough protection and they're not unduly heavy. I use the heavier Park Pads but in some ways the street pads are better because they're lighter. However the park pads have slightly better range of motion,but they're also bulkier.

If you ride with a full complement of pads, knee,elbow and wrist it will save you from so much injury. Of course there is the moral hazard issue as well you tend to push yourself a little harder when you know that you're protected against injury.

Falling is a natural part of mountain biking and having that extra level of security definitely makes you more confident when you ride. It's also good to know that if you do wipe out chances are that a good armor set will allow you pick yourself up without any problems.

These pads are fairly useful when you mountain bike but absolutely invaluble when you're riding on the road. Falling on concrete or even asphalt,especially with your knees and elbows isn't fun and these pads can definitely prevent alot of injury.

I can't count the number of times when I've done something stupid on the street and been spared from serious injury as a result of these pads. The most dramatic example of being saved from injury was when I hit a car,spider webbed the windshield in at least three places and landed on the asphalt no worse for wear. A combination of knee,elbow pads in conjunction with my helmet helped save me from serious injury. Later on at the bike store they showed that the foam had actually detached from my helmet. If I just had the helmet alone I probably would have had a serious knee or elbow damage.

I can't speak highly enough about this product and can absolutely guarantee that you will never ride without pro tec pads after using them,especially after crashing or falling.

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