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The GFX is brand new for 2015 and it is the first clipless DH model for Xpedo. It has a latitude entry system spring engagement so the front claw points up and is easy to find. It has a wide platform with 4 pins per side. They are SPD compatible and use 3 oversized bearings. The body is CNC’d 6061 aluminum body and the GFX weighs approximately 450 grams a set.


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[Mar 02, 2018]


Bought a Specialized Enduro Pro 650b, so I thought I would try a pedal with more platform. Nice looking pedals, reasonably light. Fitted the new pedals to my bike.


I swapped out my old SPD cleats for the Xpedo cleats. Man, they just would not easily release. So I reduced the tension, and then reduced the tension even more. Still would not easily release. I repositioned the cleats multiple times to no avail. OK, maybe they just need to be broken in with some riding. I did stall out on a technical climb and fall over and try as I might to unclip, it just wasn't happening, gashing my carbon frame on some rocks. I switched back to my SPD cleats and the release issues disappeared. What a joke. It was an even bigger joke when, with less than 30 miles on these so-called Enduro pedals, I had a fairly light rock strike (on my high-side pedal while turning) and the cleat retention mechanism was now springing up instead of sitting flat like it should. Upon further inspection, I found that the spring-loaded cleat retention mechanism is held in place with two really small and flimsy brackets, which had broken. Seller gave a full refund and Xpedo provided a return shipping label so they could see the damage. Perhaps they will redesign them with more durability.

[Nov 14, 2016]
All Mountain Rider


Very strong spindle, very tough pedals! Large platform, the cleat catch sticks up making it easy to lock in, the adjustable grip studs


Maybe the singe o-ring at the back bearing?

I started riding mountain bikes 6yrs ago. My health was very bad and I was huge( 509lbs). I got a good mtn bike and after about a year of riding and the loss of 180lbs I wanted to try clip in pedals. So I got a set of used shimano's. Liked them but they kept bending when riding rough trails. My bike shop ( Trailhead in Cleveland,Tn ) introduced me to XPEDO Baldwins. These pedals are the berries I thought! I put these on my new 29er and wow! Rode these pedals for 2 years! Best money ever spent on pedals! Or, so I thought!
I decided to buy a new Fuze 650b+, and I wanted a new set of pedals. I seen these new GFX's, put them on and LOVE THESE PEDALS!!! I ride almost everyday in the Tanasi trail system ( thunder rock, chestnut, old copper road, Boyd's Gap etc.) I'm. Still 300lbs! And these pedals are holding up as if they were made just for me!!! THANKS KEN FOR A SUPERIOR PEDAL TO ALL others I've used over the years!!!!
I have recommended these pedals to many people I ride with. All but 1 has purchased a pair for themselves. They all have SMILES on their faces when I see them. They LOVE THESE PEDALS!!! Because of the large platforms they can easily be ridden in regular shoes or with riding shoes. I will continue to buy XPEDO pedals!!! And they are highly recommended to anyone who wants QUALITY at a price point anyone can afford!!!!

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