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The Crankbrothers Candy 11 Pedals have a lightweight two-piece aluminum body that surrounds the four-sided titanium retention wings on the pedals. It's more durable than the old resin body used on Candy pedals in the past and doesn't really add any extra weight. They also use titanium for the spindle and inner sleeve as well to drop 78 grams from the Candy 3 Pedals.Compared to Eggbeaters, the alloy body on the Candy pedals feels like it gives you a larger and easier-to-hit target when you're trying to engage the pedals in a hurry, and the added support of the larger platform. But just like the Eggbeaters, the Candy 11 Pedals give you 6deg of float and come with two-bolt cleats that fit any mountain bike shoes. And they're mud shedding monsters to boot.The brass cleats are slightly asymmetrical. So depending on which foot you install the marked cleat -- right or left, you'll get either a 15deg or 20deg release angle. Another benefit of Crankbrothers' use of brass for the cleat is that they're slightly softer than the steel used in the retention system of the pedals. This ensures that the inexpensive and easy to replace cleats will wear out before your spendy pedal parts. And thinking of your investment, Crankbrothers designs their pedals to be easily serviced. They can be disassembled, re-greased, and bolted back together in just a few minutes. It must be noted that the Candy 11 does away with the bushings of old. Its Ti spindle spins on smooth running needle and cartridge bearings. Crankbrothers Candy 11 Pedals come with Gold anodized alloy bodies. They include the cleats, two shims to protect your shoes, and all the necessary cleat hardware for installation.Please Note: Crankbrothers recommends a 200lb (90kg) rider weight limit for the Candy 11 Pedals.


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[Mar 09, 2018]


Pros are listed under the cons. The only con is the price but I have looked over it cause I wanted them.


I have over 20,000 miles on 4 different bikes. I have never even rebuilt them once which includes 3 sets of pedals. They just work and they weigh less than any other pedal I have tried over the years. Shreds muds so easily that when I look down after mounting in a muddy area, I can see it fall off my shoe and pedal. As a minalmist, they look great on my rides. Shocks me to see the failures folks have cause I have had none. I look at the rebuild kits waiting for the time I need to repair but no need yet. Since I have an investment of cleats and pedals, I am sure I will not replace with any other pedal. Oh, should mention I have never even taken off the end caps. When I first started using them, I weighted 260 and never broke them. Now at 210, I have no concerns. I use Shimano pedal before I started using these and they were heavy and hard to clip in. Never going back.

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300 plus
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[Jun 21, 2016]
All Mountain Rider


~ 221 grams light
~ Spins smooth as butter
~ Great Q-factor
~ Gold bling overkill


~ Needle bearings suck
~ 200lb rider limit
~ 3x/year rebuild mandatory
~ Insane, car payment price
~ Must dismount on narrow boulder crossings
~ High resale value(woot)

I'll be perfectly honest - my lighter, discontinued, 2009 Candy 4ti are still far better than these. Needle bearings simply don't cut it, for real-world MTB use bearing a rider's weight with gear. After nearly two seasons....they are gonna get flipped on eBay. Yes, the operation is buttery-smooth and all....but the premature bearing failures under hard Trail use will aggravate you.

Keep your backup pedals handy...

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[Jul 02, 2012]
Randy Fehr
All Mountain Rider


The best functioning pedal I've used.
Cheap rebuild kit - which is great 'cause you'll be buying them frequently.


Absolutely the worst durability/reliability of any component I've ever owned.
Ridiculiouly expensive given they last 3 months.

This is the 3rd set of CB pedals I've owned. I'd abandoned CB for their horrible reliability a few years ago. Had I not spent soo much time and money on CB, I'd consider the product rather comical. In addition to the constant bearing failure, I had sent in a set of 2 month old Candy's for warranty repair of a broken spring. 3 months later when I finally recieved them back, the replaced spring was too short - rendering the pedals useless.

Last winter, a price that I couldn't ignore came up on a set of Candy 11's. I thought that surely with the new design and the top of the line offering, CB would have addressed the quality issues. Boy was I wrong. A scant 3 months of riding and I'm taking apart a COMPLETLY ruined inside bearing. The factory grease is still clean and white - but the needle bearing falls out in pieces. What garbage.

I'm a 45 yr old guy who rides aggressively, but my wheels rarely leave the ground. I race XC enduro very uncompeditively and only 2 5hr races were on these pedals before complete failure. It's been a miserable spring here - I would be very surprised if I've put more than 75 hrs of pedaling in on these.

I love the simplicity and function of the Candy's - they are to me the best functional pedal I've used (and I've tried them all) - easy in, easy out, great float, and great feel. But the reliability is absolutely horrific. If bearings would consistently last at least a season, then I would probably suck it up and just rebuild them constantly. But 75hrs to complete failure??? I'm done with CB.

For those considering CB pedals - stop. Get yourself a set of ATAC's and never look back. Very similar feel to CB, only a bit heavier, but completely bombproof.

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