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When Crank Brothers originally released the 5050 pedal, it became an instant hit. With the large pedal body and dual concave shape, everyone from dirt jumpers, to downhillers, to cross country riders raved about the comfort and grip. But never content to rest on its laurels, Crank Brothers has...


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[May 07, 2016]
Weekend Warrior


* Looks
* Very stiff for more power
* Spin smoothly enough to actually make a difference pedaling
* Comfortable and fit my feet better


* Difficult to put on but you only put them on once!
* Not as grippy but good enough for casual riding

In comparison to my Wellgo mg-1's which I also like, these are about 75% less grippy and they are harder to install in that you can only use an allen wrench but that is where the comparison ends. In every other category; fit, comfort, stiffness, actually applying better torque to the crank and looks these are better for me hands down.
How did I get the 75%? Simply by my own test. By wearing the same shoes and lifting up my foot in such a way that I bring the pedal up, I can compare the grip. With my wellgo's, I can bring the pedal up all the way to 180 degrees to reset the pedal to go again when I am stopped. With the 5050's, I can only bring them up a quarter of the way if I am lucky. But I don't ride in the mud where I need grip and even if I did I would still value stiffness more. These things help turn the crank noticeably better and are actually more enjoyable to ride with. I really had no idea how much a pedal can actually spin the crank better until I bought these.

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[Oct 02, 2012]


Looks, Width,


Pins, Dual Compound

Ok, so had I reviewed these a few days after I installed them I would've given them 5 stars. My reason for giving them a 3 at the value rating is because the MSRP is $130. I was OK with this because I got them for a steal. Here's the catch with these suckers: you can only use Loctite 380 or 401 because of the polycarbonate compound. The other Loctite's are anaerobic and cause the poly to break down and crack. Not good with a pedal. So, after having these for the summer I noticed my pins were needing some adjustment. Well, not only is Loctite 380/401 specialty versions that you can only find through auto/body shop dealers online, it cost $35 for a freaking 1oz bottle!!! Oh, and none of it is included with your $130 purchase. I went ahead and used the anaerobic stuff I had in my fridge (believe it or not, you are supposed to store it there) and said the heck with it. Since I only needed to adjust the pins in the aluminum I used it sparingly and hoped none would migrate over to the poly side of the pedal.
Other then that, I'd say these pedals are pretty awesome. I never had an issue with foot slippage, and that was on my last ride and several of the pins had gone flush. The spin nice and free, have since day one.
These are great if you can get a deal on them and know someone who already has a bottle of 380/401...

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