Rotor INpower DM Crankset

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Crushing climbs can take their toll, but upping your training is a sure fire way to leave your old PR"s in the dust. Our new INpower DM MTB Crankset lets you tune in your dedication, and get your regiment on point with help from a bit of data. The INpower DM MTB features integrated power measurement technology that forms the core structure of the crankset. It uses internal strain gauges to measure the power in the left leg, with two sets of opposing gauges in the axle to deliver precise data metrics so you know your power output, cadence, torque, and pedal smoothness, allowing you to know your strengths and train away your weaknesses. Since trail conditions are variable at best, we craft INpower DM MTB with its powermeter technology tucked neatly inside the crank axle protecting it from rocks, knocks & crashes or contaminants like mud, sand and clay. This means you can charge into chunky rock gardens, blast berms of hero dirt, and skim across creeks with your mind at ease, all while tracking your data

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