Race Face SixC-Cinch Crankset

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[Jul 29, 2015]
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Super stiff. Easy to set up. I like the Cinch system so far. Neat carbon look.


Cranks came loose during the first ride. Not something I've had to experience with other Race Face cranks in the past. Needs long 2mm hex key to tighten down the crank arm lock ring. Isis lock ring on the inside cinching down the sprocket also came loose initially. Probably need a torque wrench to install with confidence. Requires Isis tool to change sprockets and a proprietary wrench to install a BSA 30 (thread in 68/73) bottom bracket.

I chose these cranks because I ride flats and find I can feel most cranks flex while climbing. Wanted a light, flex free crank that allows the option to run small (less than 30 tooth) chain rings. These cranks are as stiff as the Atlas cranks I've used in the past, possibly even stiffer...and much lighter, lighter even than the Cinch Turbine, which I considered but passed on due to flex concerns. Overall, I have been really happy with the cranks. They are super stiff, feeling almost no twisting of the arms under load. I am not using these for freeride or downhill, so not punishing them as hard as some but they seem to be holding up well after 600+ miles of use. The few issues I have had include the cranks coming loose during the first ride and the sprocket lock ring coming loose which I noticed after disassembling after the first ride to give them a look over. They have not come loose since reinstalling them. Since the pedal inserts are steel pedals seem seem to come loose more easily as well which is something I keep and eye on regularly changing out or servicing my pedals. Because a multi tool does not have a hex key long enough to reach the lock ring collar I pack a 2mm hex with me along with a full length 8mm hex just in case I need to tighten the cranks on the trail. Both tools are required to tighten and adjust the cranks. I only do this on really long backcountry rides. The cranks require a few specialized tools to install (see above). The tools are worth it if you plan on servicing the cranks yourself. Glad to see my Isis tool getting some use again.

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