Gore Bike Wear Sealed Low Friction Derailleur Cable Kit Cables


No other cable system has created the buzz that Gore RideOn Sealed Cables have throughout the years. Since Gore stopped importing these cables in the '90's unopened sets have fetched a pretty penny on the grey market in the U.S. Fortunately, Gore is now offering the new-and-improved Sealed Cable Sets in the good old U.S. of A. once again.At the heart of the Gore RideOn Sealed Cables is the super low friction coating on the cables themselves, which yields quicker and more precise shifts. If there is any good news from the importation hiatus it's that Gore made significant improvements to the cable coating. The new coating is both tougher and 10 times thinner than the old version, for reduced friction and increased durability. The folks at Gore also spent a lot of time and energy designing this cable set so that no contamination can work its way inside the housing to gunk up your shifting. By using a full-length housing liner, Gore is able to keep your cables contamination free from one sealed end to the other.The Gore RideOn Sealed Cables are compatible with any SRAM, Shimano, or Campagnolo shifting options for road, 'cross, or mountain applications. Though the Gore RideOn Sealed Low Friction Cables work wonders in all conditions -- it excels in wet and mucky environments. These cables work for a very, very long time -- we knew plenty of people who managed to use the old Ride-On systems for years and years in some of this country's nastiest, muddiest conditions. Spend more time riding and less time changing and lubricating your traditional cables. What a concept!Front and rear shift cables measure 1,900mm and 2,200mm respectively. Gore is gracious enough to include a whopping 2,050mm of housing with each kit, which should be more than enough for most full-length housing applications. Gore also offers extra long shift cable sets; 2,200mm front shift cable, 3,000mm rear shift cable, and 3,000mm of housing.

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