Gore Bike Wear Ride On Low Friction Brake Set Cables


Everyone loves that crisp, low-friction feeling they get with new brake cables and housing. Gore RideOn Sealed Low Friction Brake Cable Kit gives you that new feeling for a long, long time. Good thing, re-cabling is something most of us want to avoid, no matter how loud we proclaim our love of smooth, light-touch brake action.The kit is available in two options of regular and extra-long. The regular features 2500mm of cable housing, two grub seals, different-sized ferrules, two cable crimps, two crimp caps, one 1350mm front cable and liner, and one 2350mm rear cable and liner. For your tree-bike, the extra-long kit comes with the same hardware, but with 3000mm of cable housing, 1350mm of front cable, and 2900mm of rear cable. You cut the cables to length, install the liners non-flange end first, then the cables. The liners have a flange on one end; this goes at the start of the housing by the brake lever, which means you thread in the liner so the flange comes through last. The liner should be continuous, so it will be exposed if you have external cable stops, like on the top tube for the rear brake cable. Do not lube any part of the system; it is designed to work best dry.The housing comes in either Black or White and in Regular or Extra-long lengths. The Gore RideOn Sealed Low Friction Brake Cable Kit is designed to be compatible with Shimano and SRAM mountain bike and road brake systems. Claimed weight is around 60g per set.

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