Gore Bike Wear Low Friction Derailleur Cable Kit Cables


At the heart of the Gore RideOn Low Friction Cables is a super low friction coating on the cables themselves, which yields quicker and more precise shifts. If there is any good news from the importation hiatus it's that Gore made significant improvements to the cable coating. The new coating is both tougher and 10 times thinner than the old version, for reduced friction and increased durability. The folks at Gore recommend this Low Friction system for those of us that spend most of our time riding in fair conditions, negating the need for the continuous liner and grub seal found in the sealed version of the RideOn Cable systems. The Gore RideOn Low Friction Cables are compatible with SRAM, Shimano, or Campagnolo shifting options for road bike applications. Though the Gore RideOn Low Friction Cables work wonders in all conditions -- they are recommended for dry weather. For those routinely seeking more robust adventure, or simply commuting in the rain, we'd recommend the Gore RideOn Sealed Cables. These cables work for a very, very long time -- we knew plenty of people who managed to use the old Ride-On systems for years and years. Spend more time riding and less time changing and lubricating your traditional cables. What a concept!Available in Black or White housing options. The 'Black' image currently shows Gray housing, but do not be fooled. You will receive a Black kit if that is what you choose.

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