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Alloy cockpits are preferred by many riders in the pro peloton because they inspire greater confidence in the event of a crash or impact, despite the slight weight penalties typically associated with alloy. Stiffness and vibration dampening are usually alloy's greatest nemeses, but with its WCS C-260 Stem, Ritchey has created a more compelling case for alloy. The WCS C-260 is a stem that is not only a full twenty or thirty grams lighter than the lightest alloy stems -- as well as many carbon fiber stems offered by most competitors -- it's also significantly stiffer as well. The WCS C-260 Stem is 3D forged from 7050 aluminum and then internally machined out to reduce weight. Combined with the 260-degree clamp, this stem gives you a significant uptick in stiffness at the aforementioned drastic reduction in weight.If you look closely, you'll notice the stem's smaller faceplate profile and dramatic bolt angles. Ritchey managed to wrap the stem clamp a full 260 degrees around the bar, evening out the distribution of clamping stress through each of the interfacing pieces. Ritchey also opted to use stiff and lightweight M4-size CrMo steel hardware on the four-bolt faceplate and on the steerer tube clamp. The latter uses three bolts and a specially engineered curved slot to reduce excess clamp stress on carbon fiber steerer tubes and to further enhance the design's overall rigidity.With to the stem's innovative 260-degree bar clamp, you'll notice that the horizontal opening for the bars between the base and the faceplate is significantly narrower than most stems (which typically open around 180 degrees or so). To mount the C-260, you'll simply need to remove the faceplate, and then slide the bars into place (you may need to first remove bar tape or any other obstructions). If you're still having trouble, this video from Ritchey should help simplify things. Note that due to this 260-degree clamp, the C-260 Stem works best with traditionally shaped alloy or carbon fiber bars.The Ritchey WCS Carbon Matrix C-260 Stem is available in BB Black, Wet Black, Wet Red, and Wet White. Choose between lengths from 70mm to 130mm, in 10mm increments. It comes in +/- 6-degrees (an 84-degree rise) and in a 31.8mm clamp size only.


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[Sep 09, 2014]
Cross Country Rider


Light, stiff, Ritchey


Tiny, stripping-prone Torx bolts

Been a Ritchey fan since the 80's - I'm old. Had 4-5 WCS stems on my mountain and road bike in the last few years, figured I'd give the C260 a try. Stem clamp that wraps further around the bar (260 versus 180 degrees) is a good idea. Tiny bolts may not be. I'm a practiced wrench and still managed to strip 2 of the 7 bolt heads with a torque wrench and fresh T15 bit. Trying to hit the bottom faceplate bolts straight-on through a maze of cables is no easy task. Have to wait to see what happens when its time to adjust or remove the stem.

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