Shimano SL-M670 SLX Shifter


Shimano SL-M670 SLX Shifter Set 2x3 is specific for the Shhimano 10 speed mountain drivetrain Dyna-Sys system. The Front shifter is convertible for either double-(2x) or triple-(3x) front 10sp drivetrains. Rear shifter handles 10 speed cassettes only.


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[Oct 16, 2017]
Cross Country Rider


push/pull shifting is good


the build quality is not so good. More of an issue with the design. And also the lack of literature on how the internals are put together. I suspect that this is due to the fact that these are value grade and Shimano assumes if they stop working the user will chuck them instead of trying to fix. Throw away society. Boo

These came as oem on my 2015 Santa Cruz 5010 C R build. The drive train was converted from 2x10 to 1x10 with a 32 up front. 1st couple years of it's life was with original owner but who took good care of the bike. I've ridden it for past few months. I'm new to 1x drive train and my previous bike I was running a 3x9 with SRAM x-9 rear shifter. Thing was bullet proof. I'd noticed that my Shimano SLX shifter was getting progressively harder and harder to get into the lower gears, but would always work, just took a little more effort. Then all of a sudden the darn thing wont shift down anymore. Single speed is not for me. I took apart and through inspection I could see the fixing plate had come out of the holding tab, and the main nut was loose. I took apart and found I could not get the fixing plate to stay in the tab as I tightened the nut it would always come out. Grrrr. I modified it a little but finally gave up. Bought a new XT shifter (non-ispec) and my understanding is it's internals are very similar. One of the problems I see is that the only thing keeping the nut from coming loose is four little prongs surrounding the nut that keep it from turning. It's pretty weak. A better design would be to use a nylon lock nut, or at the very least some thread lock. Shame on you Shimano. The rest of the components are all pretty decent. I will add this to my O&M in the off season to tear down the shifter and check that nut.

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