3T Doric Team Seatpost


Seat posts are more important than mere team gear. We've noticed that pros often seem to forsake their sponsor's seat post for one of their own choosing. We don't know why this is, but close inspection has revealed that Campagnolo and Shimano posts don't seem to get on that many pro bikes. We bring this matter up because 3T has come up with an light seat post -- the kind of post you might want to use regardless of team sponsor commitments. It's called the Doric Team seatpost, and it weighs a mere 175g. Named for the Greek style of column, it is supposed to stand the test of time; your time in the saddle. Like a Doric column, the Doric seat post doesn't have a base. The post also is not fluted like a traditional Doric column. It does have a capital, which is where the shaft of the post meets the clamp. 3T calls this section of the post a "carrier." It is made of aluminum. The two-bolt clamp is great for nosing your saddle at exactly the right up/down position. We don't understand why in this modern age, some seat posts have serrated clamps that limit your ability to precisely adjust the saddle angle. The clamp has both a front bolt and a rear bolt and if the nose is too low, all you have to do is slightly back out the front bolt and slightly tighten the rear bolt. Note that this seat post has zero setback. If you currently ride a seat post with setback, and your seat is pushed back on the post, you might not be able to get the position you want with this post. An easy way to check is to visualize where the clamp would grab your seat rails if your current setback post didn't have the curve. The 3T Doric Team seat post is made with a carbon fiber shaft and 7075 aluminum cap and cradle. It is available in two diameters, 27.2 and 31.6mm. The color is clear-coat carbon with a Red stripe.

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