Prologo Nago Evo X8 Saddle


Relying on the Nago EVO X8 body as its platform, the new Prologo Nago Evo X8 TS Saddle combines many of the Italian saddle maker's key technologies into a single, ultra-versatile design. Its shape, materials, and rail system have all been engineered to provide one of the lightest and most...


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[Jun 18, 2014]
Cross Country Rider


Firstly; it is very difficult to find information out on this saddle on the prologo website or on the web.
Prologo, apparently, describe their saddles by suspension travel - ie this saddle (the x8) is for saddles with 8 inches of travel, the x10 refers to 10 inches and so forth. The descriptor 'nago' refers to the family of nago saddles that are predominately road saddles. Unfortunately 'nago' saddles can be very flat from front to back (like the road line), predominately flat (like the x10) or somewhat curved (x8). The nago line is rounded from left to right (looking from the rear of the saddle towards the handlebar).
I previously had a prologo vertigo saddle - probably the most comfortable that I have tried, but this shape is now retired from the line and the nago x8 is as close as I can find to that shape and padding.
Anyway... strengths:
1. curved saddle is perfect for my position: similar to (I'm guessing) aliante, charge spoon, gobi etc but I'm suspecting a little flatter than those.
2. deep firm padding under sitbones: htis is a real strength of this saddle over others in the prologo MTB lineup
3. cutout strips on underside of shell mean thta the shell is very flexible under the perineum, beautiful on rough trails
4. differential padding: firm under sitbones, soft under perineum (aided by flexy base) and quite soft at nose - great when climbing 'on the rivet'
5. scuffguards on sides of saddle
6. looks and colour compliments my bike perfectly


expensive - charge spoon is $35 - this is $100 on special

fantastic comfortable saddle if you like a curved profile. As the saddle is also curved from left to right this may lead to what is effectively a ridge under the perineum being troublinbg to some body shapes - definitely try before you buy. If htis shape is acceptable it means that you weight is spread over a large surface area - hence the outstanding comfort on 2-3 hour rides on my hardtail.
As a referecne I tried the x10, which is less padded and flatter - not nearly as comfortable for me. A 1-2 hour saddle only.

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