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The Brooks B33 is the only model that features stranded rear coil springs and a front loop. Its look gives the perfect finishing touch to a traditional city bicycle. Its strength and durability makes it a good choice for heavier commuters.


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[Mar 03, 2003]
Alan User
Cross Country Rider


This is the Rolls Royce of saddles. You will never go numb between your legs with this saddle.


Biggest hassle? You have to cover it with a plastic bag to prevent the leather from getting rained on. The weight might also bother you, but this isn't a racer's saddle, this is a comfort saddle.

They don't get any bigger or better than this (although, I understand from Brooks that the B-90.3 is actually slightly larger). Fully independent springs front and both sides in rear. This allows the seat to rock left and right every time you crank the pedals. Nice and big/wide. You will NEVER go numb between your legs with this seat.

Leather seats used to be standard on bicycles, but in order to get the price down, they replaced them with cheap plastic seats from Taiwan. Ouch. And then the racing craze took hold, and these big leather seats are too heavy and too wide for racing. But they are in fact the most comfortable seats out there. The leather "breaks in" and then you've got a seat that is perfectly molded to you.

Think of it this way: would you buy a pair of cheap unconfortable shoes? Then why buy a cheap uncomfortable plastic saddle? The best shoes and the best saddles are made from expensive leather. Brooks makes the best leather saddles, and this is the Rolls Royce of their line up (unless you get the B-90.3). It depends on what you are going to do: if it is city commuting, no seat comes close to this. A pleasure to ride, bouncing the springs up and down.

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