Thomson Carbon Handlebar


These rugged, well-thought-out carbon bars are fabricated with three different carbon fiber types, offering different tensile strength and tensile modulus to help allocate stiffness and flex where needed.


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[Aug 06, 2015]
All Mountain Rider


Beautiful finish, obvious high quality.


Maybe not enough sweep for some.

This review is for the newest 750mm low rise carbon bars.

I ride a 2012 Trek Fuel EX8 and I have always liked the short and wide cockpit layout. By always I mean since the late 90s. I guess you could say I was an early adopter. Anyway, I knew early on I wanted to adapt this setup to my ex. I bought the bars in conjunction with the Thompson X4 stem in 50mm.

Right away I felt more in control especially on fast, rocky downhill sections. The wider bars put me on a much more aggressive "elbows out" position and gave me a slight improvement in my ability to pull the front wheel up in the air aiding in slow technical maneuvers. It's very slight but I feel like the carbon bars aid in subduing trail chatter felt through the grips.

After using the bars for 6 months or so I've come to a few specific conclusions. First being that the bars really are right up there in their quality and durability. I have HAMMERED through some seriously rough trails at high speed, crashed hard on numerous occasions and yet the bars are completely unscathed. Second conclusion is that I could have used a bit more sweep. The bars are very flat in their ergonomics and while this does put you in a very aggressive position on the bike, it also wears you out quicker than a more tapered design would. Especially in the wrists!

All in all these bars are fantastic in function and appearance. If you want a top of the line (all mountain style) carbon bar and you are okay with a flatter, more aggressive layout, these should absolutely be on your short list. Personally, I'm confident I'd enjoy them more if they offered more sweep like I said. My next purchase will be Eastons version with much more sweep designed into the bars. Until then, I'm very happy with my purchase and get complemented often.

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