3T Eryx Pro Riser Handlebar


While carbon fiber handlebars are all the rage, some companies like 3T still make very good aluminum handlebars. The 3T Eryx Pro Alloy Handlebar is one great example. It's made with the same bends and shaping as their Eryx LTD and Team carbon fiber handlebars but without the same kind of price tag. And what do you gain by saving those dollars? A paltry 18 gram penalty over the Team Bar -- that's less weight than an energy gel taped to your stem. The best part is that the Eryx Pro also has the 3T compact design.What the 3T "compact" design does for you is allow a significantly greater clamping area for width adjustments for your cockpit controls with room to spare for fork lockouts and lighting systems. Their engineers reduced the width of the oversize center-section of the bar. In fact, it transitions into the clampable diameter right at the bends to the top of the bar. It doesn't matter if you like a narrower bar and cut it down to their minimum recommended width of 570mm, you'll still have all the mounting freedom you could ask for. The 3T Eryx Pro Alloy Handlebar comes with a Black anodized finish with white graphics and is 640mm (25-3/16") wide. It's a riser bar with 31mm of total rise from the centerline at the 31.8mm clamp zone. The 7 degree backsweep is perfect for long days in the saddle and for technical terrain as well. It's one of those things that just feels right -- not too straight like the days of old, and not too much bend like a cruiser bar. A 3 degree upsweep is gentle and maintains a natural hand position when you stand up to grope your way up rocky climbs.

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