Lizard Skins Bearclaw Lock-On Grip

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Your helmet cam is on, your heart is pounding, and your friends are cheering you on. You picked your line and you're going for it with confidence. Down the trail, you make it through the first sharp berm, no problem. You make it over the teeter totter, and now you're pushing it to get up off the back of the bridge. Midair, you throw your hands out for a nohand air. But, when you bring your hands back to Earth, you lose hold of the grips -- BAM -- your helmet cam now yields months of laughable footage for the internet's peanut gallery. Could better grips have made a difference in that landing? We don't see how it could have hurt, and we don't see why you're still running those little five-and-dimes when you can have something like the Lizard Skins Bearclaw Lock-On Grips.Designed with the legendary freerider, Darren Berrecloth, the Bearclaw grips are the thinnest lock-ons in the Lizard Skins war chest. The low-profile, 130mm length provides ample coverage on 800mm width bars. And regardless of your preference for or sans-gloves, the Bearclaw's soft compound and grip pattern make them comfortable to hold onto through your lines in the park.Though these are technically a freeride grip, we'll understand if you like the feel, volume, and sub-110g weight of them enough to put them on your cross country bike.The Lizard Skins Bearclaw Lock-On Grips are available in the colors Black and White and in a 130mm length. Please note that these grips are intended for small diameter, 29.5mm handlebars.


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[Jun 10, 2013]


Double clamp design, thin profile.


A bit pricier than other grips.

What can I say? This is a grip with a double clamp design. It comes with plastic bar end plugs. The clamps are anodized aluminum (I think) so will be susceptible to the wear and tear that comes along with riding. Probably not the best choice for people who are anal about scratches.

I really do like the thinner profile as it seems to give me less hand fatigue, but that's just a personal preference. I haven't had any problems with twisting either. All-in-all, I'm happy with the purchase.

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