Ame Ergo TRI Heated Lock-On Grip


After years of research and development, A’ME is introducing the new Heated Ergo Tri. Made in USA, this grip features micro process technology and internal sensors that give the rider the freedom to easily adjust each grip to any of t...


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[Jan 27, 2013]
All Mountain Rider


Good run time, (about 2-2.5 hours on setting 3 or 4), loads of heat, easy installation, good quality kit/battery, secure fitting plugs without being impossible to connect/disconnect. Last year when I tried to get a pair of these, I really liked the customer service, talked directly to people, and they kept me up to date with why it was hard to get a pair of these. American made, gotta love that.


Still a little expensive at $200 bucks... Hard to find - this is the second year I've tried to order these from Jenson USA and even directly from the company...I just happened to find one pair at have one pair on backorder one jenson...they keep pushing back the delivery date.

I've been out in mid-twenties so far with these twice. Before I had these grips, I was using a pair of pearl Izumi elite gloves...if I kept them on (like for fixing mechanicals or pulling zippers) they'd keep my hands fairly comfortable, but the added insulation led me to grip the bar too tightly, tough to shift, and in about an hour my forearms would be JUICED like going rock climbing. The two times I've used these thus far, I wore my regular summer time full finger gloves - very thin gloves, breathy mesh everywhere... In the mid twenties, I started off using level 4. Within minutes my hands were actually too hot! And my body was considerably warmer...I bombed the trail, it felt so freaking good! So I turned it down to level 3, and that seemed to be just the right amount of maintenance warmth without being too hot. There were a few times I noticed just the tip of my thumb was cold...must be how I hold the bar, but I just stuck it on the grip directly for a few minutes, the problem never seemed to come back after that first time. That ride lasted about an hour and a half. The second ride was 2.5 hours and I started to notice that it wasn't really warm after that, but it was getting on around 9 or 10 am and it was warming up enough that I didn't need it. Given the fact that you're buying a well made battery that mounts nicely to the side of the head tube (it's about the size of two decks of cards side by side.) and there's a great rubber backing, so no scratching up your bike --- youve gotta figure youd pay about that price for a Light because of the cost of the battery. There's plenty of length on the plugs and wires, I just wrapped the extra around the bars.

Overall, I think it's an amazing product with good longevity, and you'll forget about the price tag the first time you venture out in the cold and your hands are warm. There really is something to their claim that your core is warmer too, I just felt amazing when I would normally be cussing myself for getting up on a frozen morning. I was smooth and comfortable, put some good power to the ground, and altogether enjoy riding in the cold again. I bet with two more settings higher left to go, you could ride in some aluminum shattering cold!

I should make note that I use an easton haven carbon bar, it seems pretty counter intuitive to put these on an aluminum's just a straight heat sink to suck all your expensive heat right out...

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