Ame 1.3 TRI Heated Lock-On Grip


After years of research and development, A’ME is proud to introducing the new Heated 1.3 Tri. This grip features micro process technology and internal sensors that give the rider the freedom to easily adjust each grip to any of the si...


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[Dec 03, 2013]


works great


a bit pricey but you can save some major bucks if you already have a battery pack and charger from a night light system.

I am on my second season with the AME grips and I love them for riding on the coldest days here in the Northeast which for me means all the way down to single digits. I was able to save some $$$ by just buying the grips and an adapter and then using my Niterider battery to run them. I think the current price for just the grips is approx $89 and the battery adapter plug for the Niterider battery is another $15 or so. You should check with AME about whether your battery pack will work with their system. The run time is approx an hour and a half with their battery pack if you leave them on the entire time or ??? if you use your battery pack. I find that just running them intermittently is all I need to keep my hands warm- the control switch is built into the grip and easy to access. There are 5 settings but I run them on the lower settings with a mid weight glove that has windblock on the top and leather on the bottom when its below 35 and my regular summer weight full fingered glove above 35. The ability to use thinner gloves is great because you don't lose the dexterity that you would with thicker winter gloves. Thought about Pogos but I worried about getting my hands out of them if I needed to quickly dismount. I know that some scoff at these but I was tired of my hands freezing in my gloves. I had the Lake Winter Gloves, lobster style gloves and even heavy mittens. Usually my hands just froze the first 20 mins until I warmed up and then were sweating the rest of the ride or sweating then frozen again. Not anymore

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