Ritchey WCS Shorty Bar End


If you’d love a couple more hand positions on your bars, or if you think that “tree hooking” should be a freestyle extreme sport, the Ritchey WCS Shorty Bar Ends are just the accessory you need. These tough-as-nails bar ends are just a hair bigger than most hands are wide, reducing the likelihood of non-freestyle tree catching.


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[Nov 01, 2013]
Cross Country Rider


Small and light. Just big enough to grab onto securely with my hands (I wear size large gloves).


No padding. They take up space on the bars (more on this below). Bar ends are not in style anymore.

I bought these to try and get a bit more leverage when climbing out of the saddle by allowing me to pull on the very edge of the bar. I chose them over other bar ends because they are so small and light. In this regard I was not disappointed, as they are so light when holding them freely in your hands that I can't imagine that anyone would feel the difference when added to the bike. They are also small enough that they do not get in the way when moving your hands about on the bars or when riding in tight conditions.

My biggest complaint with these bar ends has to do with the way they are designed. They clamp onto the bar at a slight angle, so that they have a bit of toe in towards the center of the bars. My guess is so that they do not catch objects when riding tight trails. This is great. However, the downside of this is that since the clamping area on the bar is angled, more space on the bar is required to attach the bar ends than you may think from looking at pictures of them while unmounted. I have locking grips on my bike, and with the lock-ring pushed all the way up against the clamp on one side (front) of the bar, there is a gap between the bar end and the grip on the other side (back) of the bar. It's not a huge deal, and I generally don't notice it while riding, but it does bug me when looking at them.

Overall, I'd recommend these for someone who is looking for minimalist bar ends. They give me an extra hand position (which I find very comfortable, with or without gloves), and they don't get in the way while riding.

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