Magura MT Trail Disc Brake System


MAGURA’s new defiition of trail braking performance – 4 front pistons for maximum braking power, 2 rear pistons for perfect modulation. All for a weight of just 330 grams (average value).


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[Jul 28, 2020]


Had these for awhile and when I first had them the lever would sometimes get soft. I would bleed them and they would be good for a bit but same thing would happen. I finally got it bled by removing the caliper and raising it above the lever and tap the lever to get every bit of air out of the system. Now that it has been bled that way the brakes feel great with no mushy feeling at all.


Can be a pain to bleed

[Jan 02, 2017]
Weekend Warrior


Lever feel / modulation, power, weight, calipers look great.
If you shop around they're available at a massive discount...


Price, price, price and price - at full RRP these things are disturbingly close to the cost of two pairs of Hope V4s.
Perhaps don't have quite the same degree of adjustability as other top of the range brakes and some people seem to like this, but to be honest I haven't found I miss any of it - set the lever reach when I first installed them and haven't touched anything since, somehow just feel "right".

The short version - I love these brakes.
Bought them without having had the opportunity to demo first, based largely on the strength of reviews but also in no small part due to finding them at a bargain price that meant I could easily resell them.
Having now been running them for a short while I have to say I couldn't be happier. I'd been running X0 Trails (4 piston) for a while and never really gelled with them - missed the massive amount of feel and control of my previous Hopes (that I stupidly sold with my previous bike and then regretted continuously until trying the MT Trails).
Best description I can give of the MT Trails is that the feel is quite Hope-esque, but with a little extra bite to them that adds to the feeling of almost limitless power. There is oodles of control to provide anything from feather-light correction to speed through to lopping a huge chunk of velocity off without going as far as locking the wheels, although that can very easily be achieved if so desired. The thing that most impresses me is the feel and communication at the lever - my technique is doubtless far from the most finessed but I've been riding long enough to appreciate that the best-performing parts are generally those that one fits and quickly forgets about - they just do what they're supposed to so you almost never notice them once passed the stage of "ooh look at the shiny new thing on my ride" (and of course with any new parts there is also that brief phase of "sh!t this was expensive, I really hope I don't wreck it...).
Now for the honest stuff to balance out the endless positives that are admittedly possibly skewed by confirmation bias:
They look great fitted, and the carbotecture stuff probably save a few grams, but... I'd originally been drooling over these but rather dissuaded by the price, so had intended to basically make the same four pot front / two pot rear setup using some sort of combination of MT5/MT7 and MT4/MT6/MT8. Pretty sure this would still give most of the benefits aside from a few grams extra weight, without leaving such a vast hole in one's wallet...
Would I buy them again? If money was no object then yes, absolutely. Similarly I'd recommend them to anyone who is prepared to shop around to find a good price (they can be picked up for <50% of RRP if you're patient - these cost me less than a pair of Hope E4s and at the same price I'd pick these every time) or who has the good fortune to be able to spec their bike without having to worry about budget. If I had the opportunity for a money-no-object dream build then these would be on the parts list without a second thought.
I'm genuinely slightly surprised to say that I prefer them to Hopes, which had been my first-choice brake, and they are without doubt the best-performing brake I've used to date, hence the 5 Chilli overall rating.
It's perhaps academic as these are clearly not really intended to be a component one chooses based on anything other than best possible performance, and certainly not on cost-effectiveness, but nonetheless the near €600 RRP means they get a 3-Chilli value rating. But if you're seriously considering a pair of brakes in this price range then that probably doesn't matter - I'd give the same value rating to any similarly priced brake.

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Hope M4 and E4, XTs (M8000), X0 Trails.
Also regularly have the misfortune of using the Tektro Aurigas on my GF's bike, but wouldn't really consider them to be a similar product :P

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