Hayes Radar Disc Brake System


  • Weight: 380g
  • Rotor: L Series 140/160/180
  • Graphics: White
  • Pad Material: Sintered
  • Pad Retention: Bottom load


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[Sep 10, 2015]
Jason Cross
All Mountain Rider


Simple, easy to work on (Bleed) effective and the cross hairs


Bulky looking lever, lack of spares in the UK, Only can use Hayes Venom to not void warranty

These brakes came as OEM on my Cube and being a trained bike mechanic (although I work in a different industry now) I could tell they needed a bleed from new, luckily I had a bleed kit that fitted from my man shed of many parts as the actual kit is £32 which is a steep price for what you get, after bleeding with the Venom fluid brakes felt nice and solid and getting the reach adjusted for my needs I moved onto the calipers, the cross hairs are an ingenious idea that every caliper should have and took next to no time to micro adjust the calipers perfect for the disc. I shamfered the pads and added a touch of copper slip and they bedded in real quick after I took the initial glaze off with a bit of 80 grit paper. So far a few months in I have no real complaints, I'm running 203 and 180 set up and they perform well with minimal fade, I'm not the lightest rider and come in at 6ft and I have not once felt like they were not going to stop me and that one finger braking. The sintered pads squeak in the wet only which is to be expected so I will look to in a few months go for some EBC green pads as the other Dyno and Stroker pads look pretty much the same. My only complaints are the specific use of Hayes Venom (although you could use other mineral oil if your happy to void the warranty) the expensive bleed kit and lack of spares in the UK. My personal thoughts are if you take time to set them up correctly, give them a good bleed there isn't another brake system that can beat it for value and durability. I'm going to go to braided hoses soon with a universal Fibrax kit and that will improve the feel even better. Summery for me is that you can't go wrong for the money and if in doubt get your LBS to assist in set up if your struggling (assuming you trust them) Good work Hayes, great brakes, great price, just ease up on the bleed kit cost and provide some more spares for peace of mind.

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