Alligator Wind Cutter Titanium Brake Rotors


Alligator Wind-Cutter Titanium Nitrite Coated Rotor


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[Oct 06, 2012]


Looks cool


Braking performance, size, hardware

These went on my hardtail when I went from center-lock to 6 bolt hubs. I am running M975 XTR brakes that perform well, but arent the strongest stoppers out there.

Lets start with the least dangerous issue and move up. The hardware that comes with these include thick washers and big bolts. I would appreciate the size of the bolt heads if they held up well, but they strip easier then shimano or avid hardware. This is a problem because the threads appear to be slightly oversized or something and basted in locktite. I had a very difficult time getting them to thread into my AM classic hubs. Next since the bolt heads and washers are so thick they can bulge out far enough to hit the dropouts. I could not get the wheel to spin with stock hardware on my Pace rigid fork.

Next issue, the advertised 180 and 160 rotors actually measure around 157 and 175. I get that with the shape of the rotor it may be difficult to accurately size them, but my IS mount calipers were only biting into the top 3/4 of what I would consider the designed braking surface to be. This exacerbates the final issue.

These rotors will not stop your bike, and will lead to either serious injury or a beautiful wake in which all of your friends get drunk without you and say "How did Jake manage to kill himself on a XC ride?" The performance difference between my centerlock icetech rotors and these is simply obscene. I allowed plenty of time for them to break in, and rode for exactly 52.7 miles with them on the bike. Not a single foot of those miles was under confident control. Technical desert XC riding at its scariest. The pads can only brake if there is enough material to grab and these rotors provide wholly inadequate braking surface. This will apply to all wind cutter model. The nitrite surface treatment burned away after the first 25 mile ride and left the surface streaky and grooved. I have run marta storm rotors which are also have very slim looking braking area and they performed flawlessly, this is simply poor engineering.

If I can make myself any clearer, do not run these rotors or you will cut your braking performance to a drastically unsafe level. These were put out there to be catchy and attractive for guys surfing the web for deals, not for actual use.

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