TRP CX9 Mini LP Brake System


The folks at TRP have proven that linear pull brakes have a home on cyclocross bikes with their CX series. They offer far more power than typical cantilever brakes so you can drive deeper into the corners. Ask any motorcycle racer about going fast, and they'll tell you that you need to be able to stop fast to do so. The same goes for bike racing. The TRP CX9 Mini LP Ti Brake Calipers will let you do that. And while we love to race our 'cross bikes in the winter, we ride them all year long as commuters, foul weather trainers, and for touring. The reality of wimpy cantilevers make us really appreciate the potential of the TRP CX9 Brakes. While they're great for racing, they also give us more confidence in traffic and on long mountain descents. And like your initial revelations about the ease of setup with linear pull brakes back in the day, these are equally simple to install and tune for powerful, smooth braking performance.Kinda makes you wonder why cantilevers have remained the brake of choice for 'crossers since the olden days. Some say the issue is one of clearance over and around the tire, as mud can be a particular challenge for racers. We're not sold on this notion. Perhaps it's like leg shaving for most racers -- nothing more than tradition. The TRP CX9 Mini LP Ti Brake Calipers is available in Black or Red. The arms are 90mm long and are made of forged and CNC machined aluminum. They use titanium mounting hardware and lightweight, easily replaceable road-style brake pads. We find that they provide optimum lever feel and braking performance when paired with Shimano levers, though you can use them with SRAM or Campagnolo levers as well.

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