Reynolds Cryo Blue Carbon Brake Pad

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Historically, a pair of go-fast carbon fiber wheels meant that you'd have to sacrifice braking performance as compared to a nice set of aluminum rims. It was just a fact of life with composites. Over the last few years, carbon specific brake pads have gotten much better. The new Reynolds Blue Pads are surprising, and you'll be amazed at how you can brake comfortably and in control in emergency situations. Otherwise, they have great modulation and offer great performance for minute speed adjustments in the paceline.Reynolds didn't sit still when it came to developing their rims; they're likewise proactive with the development of their carbon-specific brake pads. Initially, they supplied the popular SwissStop brake pads with their carbon-rimmed wheels. They've been going with another pad for some time. The Reynolds pad is a bit different than the near-ubiquitous yellow stoppers.The main difference is that the rubber compound was formulated to work best with braking tracks that have a scrim embedded in the surface (Reynolds wheels have this). The result is a compound that's a bit softer durometer, but is fine tuned to stop Reynolds rims better.Reynolds has changed the rubber compound (and the color -- blue now instead of black) to increase the performance, yielding better heat dissipation, better modulation, and better overall performance in all conditions -- wet or dry. Another benefit of the new blue pads is that they are less apt to squeal.Reynolds Carbon brake pads are blue. There are two designs -- one for Shimano/SRAM-style brake shoes and one for 2000 - 2010 Campagnolo-style brake shoes. Please Note: The Campagnolo specific set will not fit 2011 brake pad holders. One set includes four brake pads, enough for both your front and rear brake calipers.

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