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Avid Mechanical Disc Organic Brake Pads.


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[Dec 21, 2008]
Weekend Warrior


Work decently, stops my bike, easy to maintain, simplistic


Wear a bit fast for my liking, and have a tendency to chip around the edges.

They work, and do what they are meant to do as long as you keep them clean and free of any contaminants. A few times i found my self using a high grade of sand paper to make them act like new again. I had to remove the collection of gunk that was lessening there stopping power.

How i ride/maintain these brakes:

What i said about them wearing out to quickly was in set of how hard and how much i bike. I ride fairly hard at my local trails and some times a lot of breaking is needed. That and the habit of making sure that i dont skid and instead using the heavy breaking makes it even harsher for these brakes. They held up very well though all this punishment. Keep in mind i tunes these breaks ever chance i got (like to have very sensitive breaks) so i took great care of them.

Wet Weather:

For wet weather and mud they do ok. As i am sure that with any brake you lose power. I would say when wet they lose about 30% of there stopping power. Even more if mud gets on the roater or pads. If that's the case then say good bye to any hard braking, You cant even get your bake tire to lock up or even skid with water and dirt in them. Use caution in wet weather with these pads.

Hot weather/long rides:

For holding up on very long rides and in very hot weather they do absolutely fine. I would even say that the hotter it gets the better that they might work.


Its self explanatory, they do what they are needed to do. Are there better brakes out there, no doubt. But you dont have to rule these out. Like everything, it depends how you ride.

Similar Products Used:

All i have had were V brakes prior to these.

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