Ellsworth Truth SST.2 XC Full Suspension

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The legendary performance of the 100mm travel Truth sst.2 has been enhanced through fine tuning and tweaking over countless seasons of XC and endurance racing in every condition imaginable. With Ellsworth's proprietary ICT suspension, sst.2 tubing, a NEW lighter and stronger pivot integrated seat tube and a NEW semi-integrated tapered head tube - this is the fastest Truth ever created. From the Costa Rican mud and rainforest jungle of the La Ruta de los Conquistadores race, to the sands of the Mojave Desert, this bike is the number one choice of privateer racers. The Truth has done just that for almost two decades - and this year's Truth is better then ever. There are lots of bold claims out there, but how many of those have held up to two decades of consistently delivering on those claims? Truth - the name says it all. ICT? Technology: Instant Center Tracking? is internationally patented and quantifiably the most energy-efficient suspension design in the world, period. Internationally acclaimed, ICT four-bar linkage technology provides up to 100% pedal power efficiency by aligning the instant center of the linkage on the chain torque line and continually tracking it throughout the range of travel. What does that mean in layman?s terms? It means ICT allows pedal power to propel the rider forward without power loss, effectively avoiding the common suspension design flaw that divides pedal inputs into a wasteful combination of forward and vertical (jacking or bobbing) motions. ICT-equipped bikes are legendary for their rare combination of responsive performance and plush suspension that can be found nowhere else. All ICT-equipped bikes feature 12mm pivot axles and oversized bearings for superior pivot stability and lateral stiffness under power. Our commitment to raising the limits of suspension technology, innovation and performance.


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[Oct 25, 2013]


It's incredible how efficiently an Ellsworth climbs. I had always heard/read this but couldn't believe it until I gave one a shot. Plain and simple, you won't grasp this concept until you ride one. The chainstays are short enough that you can really flick the rear end of the bike around creating an all-around "fun" ride.


In my opinion, the geometry of this bike is extremely race oriented if you have an above average inseam. This isn't a weakness to all but definitely takes the fun out of many technical descents, leaving me wanting more out of an every day ride and even the bike I take to races. Again, I'm 5'11" with a 32" inseam and this may be above average.

The value of an Ellsworth is not there in my mind. I've had the fortune of demoing Specialized, Giant, Ellsworth, Ibis, Kona, and more and for the price I'm not impressed. You get great craftsmanship with the Ellsworth but it doesn't do anything "The Best" yet you're paying top dollar. It won't outperform an Epic, only comes with a two-year warranty, and is riddled with a past of cracks, breaks, and failures. If you claim that your frame design has advanced beyond some of these earlier issues then you need to provide a warranty that instill's the customer with confidence (most riders cannot afford $2600+ frames every 2-3 years... will I need to if I buy an Ellsworth?).

Lastly, due to the "overall" poor image of Ellsworth's durability these bikes have below average resale. This isn't a big deal for most but if you want to replace your rig every 3-4 years or are worried about the frame lasting over the long haul then this will come into play.

The bike climbs like a rocket, if a rocket had wheels and an ict suspension, with suspension active enough it won't punish the rider on technical terrain. The Truth is responsive and playful leaving the rider's technical ability as the sole limiting factor.

Ellsworth's craftsmanship is top notch but you simply are not getting top value for your $4000-$8000 build.

As with all bikes, test before you buy.

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